Zumbi Blocks – Coming To Steam June 2017


Zumbi blocks

Zumbi Blocks is a game of survival by working with your friends at the zombie stink.
You need to call the materials and build your own base in the districts and fight against the zombies otherwise your friends and you will die.


Bandages, bullets and other supplies are necessary for you and your friends to survive.Army planes are throwing “S.O.S” supplies and bullets into the quarantine zone at certain times, so you need to open your eyes four times.


If you want to survive in the region of Quarantine you should choose your weapons well.Close combat weapons are great weapons for shredding zombies, but not enough for more than one zombie, so you can use an offensive weapon.

Zumbi Block Free To Play


You can build barricades in a single-door large house in the Quarantine area, and you can build yourself a defense base.


Seals, mines, defenses may be good for you if you use trap materials to make your area a safer place.


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