YouTubers Worth Subscribing To


Are you looking for some different YouTube gamers? If so, then stay tuned because I have 5 of the best youtube channels. That not many people know about here are my top 10 hidden gem youtubers. The rules are they must have at least 100 subs and they can’t have more than 12000 subs.

Number 5 the mega retro bros you want to see pickups videos and lets plays? If so these are your guys, they will always keep you entertained. Its 2 guys who do it Justin and timothy aka shogun death. They are at about 400 subs there an amazing channel check them out!!!

mega retro bros

You want something new? Well 64 bit for life has it young connor has no filter and tells it as it is. One of my favorite parts of his channel is he will tell you the truth and be blunt about it. He is also hilarious check him out. He is in the high 600 in subs.


Want one of the best editors youtube has to offer? Beatemups is your guy. He is the biggest channel on here at 12000 subs. He dose game hunting woods goods and lets plays all top of the line! He is a most to check out



Want an amazing reviewer well retrogamingtube is your man. He dose reviews lets plays and rants. Some of the best rants/reviews I’ve seen in my life he is bluntly honest and calls it like he sees it. His channel is beginning to grow fast. You should check him out you wont regret it!


My number one favorite deedave . they do lets plays live streams podcasts some of the funniest dumpster diving videos. They do funny gamehunting videos to be if this was a show I would watch it every week there amazing. We recommend you subscribe to all of these awesome YT’ers right now.


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