Youtopia – Vision Of A Healthy Virtual World


Join Developer Alan Wheat on his visionary adventure to bring fitness to the the world of Virtual Reality. I know what your thinking, people have been trying to merge exercise with gaming for years with the Kinect, exercise bikes, and in other creative ways.

Image result for hot girl workoutThe majority of the gaming community are pretty lazy people. Its very difficult to sell fitness to gamers. But Alans vision to bring healthy lifestyle to VR has some twists that make Youtopia stand out. In this open world virtual adventure you burn calories as you explore exotic islands, battle monsters, and collect rewarding treasures, while hardly noticing your really getting the rewards exercising.

Youtopia is still in its early development stages. Alan Wheat is an independent developer who is a modern day pioneer in virtual reality development. Anyone who knows anything about video game dev can tell you that it is a brutal costly industry. Making a game requires countless hours of labor n’ love, and a big budget. Then when a independent developers game is complete, they have to network their arss’es off online to get their hard work out to the world.

Alan is reaching out on GoFundMe for donations for Youtopia. He has several limited time incentive offers listed on the page to show his appreciation for backers support. You can check out Youtopia’s GoFundMe page here. Alan Wheat is also my Friend on FaceBook, and a very friendly guy. Send him a message or a friend request here, he is always happy to chat about the project. Lets check out some of the details from the crowd funding page below.

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Whatever your age, ability or even medical requirements, the game can be tailored to each person’s needs and even allows you to set your own daily/weekly goals and challenges (such as x-miles travelled in a day/week)

Transform an ordinary day out into something you’ll enjoy more and want to do regularly!! Simply walking into town or biking to work could now bring unexpected rewards for your game!!

Be encouraged for your efforts, and help encourage others in a world first, lifestyle VR hybrid game, that merges fantasy and reality to help benefit every person who wants to use it!!

keep track of your progress, share statistics publicly (or privately amongst your friends) play and train co-operatively or head to head for better rewards and challenges!