The Notorious Xploder Cheat System Strikes Back On PS4!


Xploder Cheat System

Unleash your games’ potential with 100% saves, game cheats and more with Xploder – for over 100 PS4 games!


Announcing Xploder Ultimate Edition for PS4 – a simple, powerful tool for unlocking in-game content and 100% progress on your PS4 games. No console mods required. No getting barred from PSN.


The Notorious Xploder Cheat System Strikes Back On PS4! - #GTUSA 2


Compatible with the latest PS4 firmware, Xploder’s new software uses exclusive “re-signing” technology to allow users to access and play other people’s saved games. Making the cheating experience virtually seamless, users can download save games from a regularly updated online database, enabling them to instantly make in-game progress, for example by unlocking levels/stages or accessing secret/hard to find content.


The benefit of unlocking extra levels, bonus items and in-game progress is obvious. Who wouldn’t want to start GTA with $500million in-game dollars? However, scouring the internet for game saves and cheat codes is time consuming, while attempting to modify your console can be risky business. Xploder Ultimate unlocks limitless potential for your favourite games – without the hassle.


New Games Added Weekly

Powered by an in-house team of gaming experts and an extensive community of gamers, the database is updated weekly with new games. Xploder already works with over 100 PS4 titles including GTA V, the Assassin’s Creed franchise and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [Remastered]. Supported games also come with a range of cheats pre-activated, maximising the amount of chaos you can unleash!

Features Summary

  • Includes online database of game saves with instant downloads
  • Supports EU, US and Japan based saves
  • Automatically download the latest game saves and supported games
  • Over 100 games supported (more added weekly!)
  • Works with the latest firmware
  • No modifying / editing of your PS4
  • You won’t get banned from PSN
  • Free UK based support team
  • Free software updates


Xploder Download


Xploder is available now as an instant digital download from


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