XCOM: Enemy Unknown Port for PSVita Is Real and Out Now


Surprise! The PlayStation Vita port of Firaxis’ wonderful 2012 turn-based strategy game is out now.

It popped up overnight on the PlayStation Store. There, XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus costs £15.99 and weighs in at 2.2GB.

Rumours of a Vita version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown first appeared online in July 2015, when it was listen on a Korean video game ratings board’s website.

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus, a portable version of the strategy game, is also expected for Sony’s portable. It was originally supposed to launch in December 2015, but was pushed to January 26, 2016 just a day before its scheduled release.

The game was delayed yet again on January 24, when it was moved to sometime “later this year,” according to a post on the official Civilization Facebook page.

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