Working Cell Phone in Minecraft With Video Calls


Believe it or not, until recently it was impossible to order a pizza from Minecraft. In fact, you couldn’t make a phone call, send a text message or browse the web from the game even if you built a phone.

Verizon endeavored to solve these problems by building a phone in Minecraft that can actually connect to the real world without leaving the game. With the help of Wieden+Kennedy and BlockWorks, we built custom functionality that lets players browse the Internet, make video calls and create a selfie stick to send an MMS selfie to a friend.

Minecraft experts such as SethBling and CaptainSparklez joined to beta test these features and show how they would use a working phone in the game.

The features.

Video call

Using their in-game phone, players can send and receive video calls. In the game, you’ll see your friends’ faces translated into Minecraft blocks in real time. On the other end of the call, you’ll be able to see the player’s avatar moving around.


Players can create a selfie stick by combining their in-game phone with a stick. By swinging the stick, they can take a selfie and send it to a real-world phone via MMS.

Web browsing

We built a browser that connects directly to the Internet and translates real web pages into blocks so we can show them on the screen of your in-game phone (which is also made of blocks). Players can load any page from the Internet and scroll to view the whole thing.


Visit Boxel and Boxel-client on GitHub for more documentation to help you get started.

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