Wizard of Legend Has Been Fully Funded On Kickstarter


Wizard of Legend

A fast paced 2D dungeon crawler where you assume the role of a powerful wizard on their quest for fame and glory!

Wizard of Legend is a fast paced dungeon crawler with rogue-like elements where you assume the role of a powerful wizard intent on overcoming the Chaos Trials to become the next Wizard of Legend.


Exploration of the dungeons is a seamless experience as you travel from one room to the next in search of powerful spells and items to aid you on your quest. All of the dungeon layouts are procedurally generated and are comprised of both randomly generated rooms as well as precrafted experiences. Enemy placement is also handled procedurally and enemies will gain new behaviors and spells of their own as you progress further into the game. In addition, each dungeon contains other would-be allies that will help you on your adventure.


Combat in Wizard of Legend is a blend of rapid movement and magic that involves chaining spells together to defeat enemies while quickly repositioning to avoid incoming attacks. The use of dashing spells is key in allowing you to control the pace of combat by staying at an optimal range to cast spells at enemies near and far.

For more information on chaining spells, check out our update!


Wizard of Legend will also feature local multiplayer game modes for cooperative and versus experiences. Co-op mode will throw two players into a more challenging adventure while Versus mode will pit them head to head in a match of intense magical combat.

TLDR: Fast paced spell based action.


For the purposes of better illustrating the game mechanics and lore in Wizard of Legend, we’ve created a game… about the game, just for the Kickstarter Campaign! The game doesn’t represent the final product, but will introduce you to the world of Wizard of Legend in a fun and interactive way.

This demo is a short 10-15 minute experience that takes place after the timeline of Wizard of Legend and is shown from a more modern perspective where the events of the game are now studied as an important part of history. In the Museum of Lanova’s Chaos Trials exhibit, you can experience a few of the spells and challenges that will be present in Wizard of Legend.

Disclaimer: Though this demo features the gameplay and combat mechanics of Wizard of Legend, it is a completely separate experience from the game. This demo was created from a work in progress and everything is subject to change. That being said, have fun!

Win  |  Mac  |  Linux  (32MB download. Requires 235MB of free space)

We also have mirrors on and  IndieDB!

TLDR: We created a game about the game. Play it!


Every year, the most powerful and skilled wizards from around the world compete in the Chaos Trials for a chance to become the next Wizard of Legend.

You assume the role of one of these wizards, each with their own elemental specialization and choice of arcana. Arcana are magical tools that are created in the form of cards and are used to rapidly cast preset spells.


While these wizards normally have a plethora of arcana at their disposal, the rules and regulations limit them to begin the trials with just two arcana of their choosing. As such, their starting choices are usually their most favored and effective arcana.


Additionally, wizards that participate in the Chaos Trials are required to possess a powerful signature variant of their chosen arcana. These signature arcana are a testament to their magical aptitude as they can only be developed through a lifetime of training and mastery. Use of a signature arcana also requires an excessive amount of magical energy and can only be performed once enough energy has been accumulated.

For more information on signature arcana, check out our update!


Although you begin the game with only a couple arcana, you’ll find many more to add to your deck as you progress through the trials. However, given that you can only have a limited number equipped at any given time, selecting arcana that complement each other and match your play style is the key to success.

TLDR: You’re a wizard. Surprise!


While raw chaos is at the core of all magic, manipulating chaos directly to produce spells is a difficult and time consuming process involving strenuous magical focus and gestures. Spell crafting Virtuosos quickly realized this problem and created an elegant solution that came in the form of Arcana.


Arcana are hand crafted trumps that have been traced with a preset spell and imbued with an element refined from raw chaos. Their creation allows for wizards to rapidly produce spells by simply channelling their magical energy through them.


Arcana are generally created with a specific element and spell effect in mind. While the element selected is almost always limited to one of the base elements, the effects are much more diverse as many different Virtuosos have created a wide variety of arcana with different effects. It is estimated that since their first creation, over 100 different types of arcana have been created.


Acquired only as a reward for overcoming the Chaos Trials, Chaos Arcana are extremely rare, given that the only known Virtuoso capable of crafting them is the Head of the Magical Council of Lanova. Even their use is said to be limited exclusively to exceptionally skillful wizards due to the magical finesse required to control the resulting spells. However, given that no other Virtuoso has been able to craft arcana that produces spells of raw chaos, many of the details revolving around the Chaos Arcana and their effects remain a mystery.

TLDR: Arcana = Spells. Pew pew!


Every year in the City of Lanova, the Council of Magic, comprised of the most powerful wizards in the world, holds the Chaos Trials to determine if there are any worthy of becoming a Wizard of Legend.


These trials are held in Lanova Castle, where each council member shapes a section of the castle into a labyrinth filled with hazards and challenging enemies. The contestant that successfully navigates all of the challenges and demonstrates superior wizardry earns the right to become a Wizard of Legend!


As council members conjure and fashion the castle as they see fit, the stages that they create often reflect both their personalities and elemental affinities. And although the floor layouts are changed for every trial, each member tends to have favorite rooms or hallways that they may be inclined to reuse.


The enemies summoned by the architecting member also mirror their element and are often imbued with magical elemental abilities. To further add to the challenge, as contestants acquire new arcana and items, enemies will also be summoned with new abilities and equipment.

For more information on enemy progression, check out our update!

TLDR: There’s a tournament. Win.


Relics are rare magical items that were crafted and employed by powerful wizards of the past to enhance their magical abilities.


Each relic is unique and may have any number of effects, whether it be enhancing the use of arcana directly or having other more subtle effects.


However, while most relics were crafted to be beneficial to their owners, some are said to come at a cost for their use. Even worse still, some relics are rumored to carry a curse, having extremely detrimental effects on their owners.


Although it would be expected that these unique magical relics would be difficult to come across, such is not the case as relic vendors often attend the Chaos Trials where contestants pay high prices for a competitive edge.


Relics can also be found in oddly placed treasure chests which are rumored to be have been placed by a kind hearted, yet eccentric, council member.

TLDR: Relics are good! Sometimes.

At present time, all digital copies will be delivered via Steam Key and a free Steam Account will be required to play the game. If any other distribution options are added in the future, possibly a DRM free option or a digital console release, backers will of course have the option to select which of the options they prefer.



Contingent99 is a small two person team and we’ve been working on Wizard of Legend for almost two years now. While all the funding up to this point has been out of pocket, we’re coming to Kickstarter to help make our dream a reality!

Although many of the core mechanics of the game have been implemented, there’s still a long way to go in terms of design, content, and polish. There are many more spells, items, enemies, and even full on stages we’re looking to add to the game! We’re also looking to bring a sound designer / composer on board for an awesome aural experience and another artist to create more fantastic animations and effects!

The funds from this campaign will help push us past the finish line and allow us to reach these goals! With your support, we can make our vision of the game a reality and reach some of the exciting stretch goals that we have planned!






Thanks for reading and follow us for more information!





Risks and challenges

Video game development is a complicated and difficult endeavor involving multiple disciplines and there will undoubtedly be many unforeseen challenges and hurdles that we will need to overcome.

In order to mitigate this risk, we have spent almost two years prototyping and iterating to lay the ground work for Wizard of Legend.

Although our team has handled large software systems and tight deadlines in the past, Wizard of Legend will be our debut video game project. Getting to this point hasn’t been without its bumps and set backs, but we have successfully tackled every obstacle that has come our way and we expect to approach any issues that may arise in the future with the same level of diligence and passion that we have in the past.

We’re excited to continue working on making our dream a reality and hope that you will join us for the ride!

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