Windows 10 Cloud ISO Leaks (screenshots)


Recently, a Twitter user shared a link to a website hosting the ISO file for Microsoft’s upcoming operating system called Windows Cloud.

Downloading and installing the leaked ISO of Windows 10 Cloud isn’t something we advise you do, but MSPoweruser went ahead and installed it as a virtual machine to get an idea of what Microsoft is planning, said PC Mag.

The site confirms that the operating system looks virtually identical to the desktop version of Windows 10, but it can only run apps that are downloaded from the Windows Store.


But it does support Win32 apps that have been converted to Windows Store/Universal Windows Platform apps using Microsoft’s Project Centennial tools. Even apps which still use Win32 processes will work. They just need to be packaged as UWP apps for distribution through the Windows Store.

According to the leaked EditionMatrix.xml, users may be able to upgrade to the Pro version of Windows 10 but they will have to pay for the added features which the cloud version lacks.

Windows 10 Creators Update will be coming out in April and it is possible that the Cloud version of Windows 10 will also be announced at the same time. Let us know what you think about Windows 10 Cloud and the lack of features it comes with.

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