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I would first off like to say that the best console era ended in 2006, which ended with the Nintendo Wii, seeing how the Xbox came out in 2005 and the PlayStation 3 came out just two days before the Nintendo Wii.

By JDauntless the Protagonist Gamer

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Publishers are focusing more on the next gen console, not to just to keep up with their competitors, but it’s quite clear to see that this generation of gaming was a huge failure. As technology progressed, allowing Gamer’s to share their experiences with Gaming DVR’s, Nintendo screwed their beloved fans with a “We want 40% of your earnings” policy via YouTube. Nintendo, during to Wii U era, greatly ignored the fan base by not allowing third party development teams to help increase productivity to save Nintendo’s good legacy. As the end results, Nintendo has be kicked from Interbrand Consultancy’s Best Global Brands list For the First time and are working aggressively for the development of next console, known as the Nintendo NX .

During the announcement of the Xbox One, our greatest concerns shortly became a reality. The console had a steep $499 price tag. The Kinect 2.0 hardware was quickly canned from the System, then the price dropped down $100 after the initial launch, as if Microsoft intentionally false promoted the console just to rip their hardcore fan base off. No Backwards Compatibility would be available, showing clear signs that the fans prayers went unheard, the “always on” internet connection sparked major controversy through the world. Last, but not least Microsoft announced the end of “short-lived” used games policy that would have banned certain types of trade-ins of disc-based games. As the ended results, many beloved Xbox fans converted to the Sony’s PlayStation, hence why the PS4 is the Top selling console. Microsoft soon realized the damage that they caused, and once again, dropped the price of the Xbox One, placing it at $349 now. That’s three price downs under a in years. Phil Spencer, the new head of Microsoft’s Xbox division and leads the teams responsible for games and entertainment across the Microsoft platform, has since fixed the company’s shameful wrongs, by making the Xbox affordable, giving their beloved fan base an excellent plethora of Backwards Compatibility games and waving the white flag to end the Console Wars.


Now lets talking the PlayStation 4, which all who has been following my channel, know full well that I’m a die-hard Sony Fanboy. The PlayStation 4 started with an excellent starting price at $399. The system design, granted it’s shaped like a school eraser, work well for the overall look, and the power behind the software was all to real to even believe, but things quickly went down hill as the marketing became repetitious with more “Remaster’s” than executives, Backwards Compatibility was ripped from the fans, but now the PS4 is emulated for the PlayStation 2, pricing retro games at $15.00 a pop, but the worst slap in the face was now Sony fans have to pay a $50.00 1 year subscript fee, must likely because the business practice worked so well for the Xbox genre. Not to mention the extreme lack of third party game developments, but what the hell, Sony, “Where have have all the good dev’s gone to”. As an ended result, the PlayStation 4 still remains the Top selling console, but fair pricing and a powerful system does make up for the lack content, executive games, and breaking tradition that once catered to the fans with free online experience, and the enjoyment of playing retro games without the asinine digital pricing.

The reasons why Gamer’s shouldn’t be too excited for the next gen consoles, is because just look at the full beginning, middle, and ended results at how the publishers (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are marketing our passion for playing video games. Under just 5 years, we’re had to defeat the misconduct of micro transactions and pre-order executives. We get far less content on video games then ever and the online-only games that are priced at $60.00 with of course, micro transaction is entirely insane. I wouldn’t personal buy a Drake album, only to turn around and buy the rest of the album online just to get the full experience of the CD, which should have already been on the disc, just to note: Drake has never done that.

Gamer’s, please wake up and start voting with your wallets, or you guys can expects these same practices to be worst on the next gen consoles. We don’t need a new console right now. What Gamer’s need is for Publisher’s and Developer’s to start listening us, the fans, the ones that keep these Gaming companies floating, again.

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