“Western 1849 Reloaded” ~ Arcade Cowboy Review


Western 1849 Reloaded

Well howdy there Buck-a-roo’s! Welcome to my short review for Western 1849 Reloaded. What we’ve got here is a action-packed wild western indie arcade shooter.

The game recently launched on Steam February 10th for $4.49, and is available on Steam. So far the Steam user reviews are only Positive. Lets go over a few of the finer points and see if we agree.

The game has a very nice look and feel. The comic book styled storytelling is a nice touch. The way its animated looks very cool. It has a retro arcade shooting gallery feel, and the western music is spot on.

I played the game with a wired Xbox 360 controller. The controls felt very solid and responsive. Aiming takes a bit to adjust to, and angles can be tough to work out. The default button layout is nice is easy to use.

Western 1849 Reloaded Review - #GTUSA 2

After each wave your able to choose cards that allow you to create different builds. Every play-through you can create different builds that can greatly change your strategy. Creating different strong builds is a lot of fun and great for replay value. The game also offers many upgrade and equipment options.

Its a pretty short game and can be beat pretty fast. There are loads of enemies popping up everywhere. I’m not the best at arcade shooters when using a controller. I would really love this game if it was ported to an arcade cabinet with a revolver.

Western 1849 Reloaded Review - #GTUSA 3

Overall I think this is a great game. I disagree with the Positive Steam user review rating, and I’m going with Very Positive for my personal rating.

The game is short, but offers a lot of replay value if your into it. The mechanics provide a lot of customization options, which is usually a good thing.

If your a fan of Western’s then I’m gonna recommend you check this indie arcade-style shooter out. For the low price I think this game is a great buy.

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