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Unknown Realm: An 8-bit RPG for PC and Commodore 64

Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous is a new 8-bit fantasy role-playing game for PC and C64 inspired by the classic RPGs of the 80’s.

Why is it that anytime you ask an RPG fan what their favorite game is, they will almost inevitably name a game that was made 30 years ago? You know the games we’re talking about, games like Ultima, Legacy of the Ancients, Wasteland, SSI “Gold Box” titles, or some other game from the “Golden Age” of RPGs. Despite the high-end graphics and advances of modern RPGs, they still somehow fail to live up to the enjoyment found in these fan favorites of the past.

Let’s face it: those low-fidelity RPGs had something special. They had the perfect mix of presentation and gameplay that allowed your imagination to run free. Sadly, for some reason, game companies decided to stop making single player RPGs like this and thus abandoned a generation of RPG fans…until now.

We here at Stirring Dragon Games think it’s a shame no one is willing to make classic RPGs like this any more, and we’re just crazy enough to do something about it!

Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous is a new single player medieval fantasy role-playing game that will take you back to the glory days of 80’s gaming.

Together with your help, we can bring back a taste of the Golden Age! Not just for the fans who almost flunked out of high school playing these games long ago, but for new generations of gamers who never got the opportunity to experience what makes this genre of RPGs so special.

In true retro fashion, your adventure starts out in the 80’s. The story begins with your character uncovering a mystery surrounding the disappearance of your uncle. While searching for clues at his old cabin in the woods, you find yourself transported to a strange yet familiar fantasy world. Armed with nothing more than a wooden sword and an unlikely companion, it’s in this unknown realm that your quest for answers begins.

Your adventure begins in the 80's
Your adventure begins in the 80’s

Like many favorite games of the RPG golden age, Unknown Realm has role-playing at its core. This means it begins and ends with you and your choices and the impact they have on the story. Your choices will affect the outcomes of the relationships you forge in the game, as well as the very landscape of the world itself!

Along your journey you’ll uncover mysteries your uncle spent a lifetime pursuing – secrets of The Twelve Realms and their lost knowledge. You’ll have to master medieval weaponry, descend into the depths of dungeons, navigate the treacherous seas, and learn to harness the power of the Elderstones in order to survive in this realm of monsters and magic.

We believe that in order to capture the magic of the classic 8-bit RPG we had to return to the same constraints under which they were born. That meant making a true 8-bit game instead of one that merely looks 8-bit. It fits nicely with our design philosophy, which is that constraints breed creativity. Designing in 8-bit forces us to focus exclusively on creating fun gameplay rather than non-essential features.

We chose the beloved Commodore 64 as the 8-bit system to develop for because in our opinion it has the best feature set of all the 8-bit systems. It also happens to hold the record as the best selling personal computer of all time.

What this means is that if your mom didn’t throw out your Commodore 64 years ago, it’s time to dust that baby off and experience an 8-bit RPG like no other! And don’t worry, we didn’t design this game just for Commodore fans. We designed it with all single player RPG fans at heart. That’s why we created a special PC platform to deliver an authentic 8-bit RPG experience all within the comforts of your modern PC.


Alive World:

  • Open world with lots of secret locations to discover.
  • 64 different day, night, and seasonal monsters.
  • Landscape reacts to the choices you make. Locations, characters, and game world will be impacted by your decisions, and your actions have real consequences.
  • Dual-mode exploration using either overworld view or zoomed in location view.
  • Traveling NPCs and settlements – stumble upon a gypsy caravan, traveling merchants or bandit encampments!
Sail to distant lands but don't forget to use your map
Sail to distant lands but don’t forget to use your map

Fast-Paced, Fun-Focused Combat:

Instead of spending 80% of your time grinding away in combat and only 20% of your time doing what we consider the fun stuff about RPGs, we have flipped that around so there won’t be any 10 minute monster battles going on here.

  • Simple Attack + direction targeting keeps you in the action instead of an interface.
  • Dedicated hot key for quick primary/secondary weapons toggle.
  • Turn-based, but feels like real-time.
  • Attack monsters in overworld view as well as zoomed in view.
Fast-paced grind-free combat
Fast-paced grind-free combat

Interesting NPCs:

Just because our NPCs have 8-bit brains doesn’t mean they have to be dummies.

  • Find NPC or animal companions to join your cause.
  • Hire mercenaries to aid you on those really dangerous quests.
  • NPCs might strike up a conversation with you or blurt out for you to get lost.
  • NPCs can treat you differently based on their mood or how well they know you, or react to what they see you do or hear you say.
  • NPCs may travel between locations in the game.
  • Some monsters might even talk with you, if you happen to speak their language!
Old school conversation parser with keyword highlighting
Old school conversation parser with keyword highlighting


Watch out for moody NPCs
Watch out for moody NPCs

Charming Mini-Games:

Even warriors need to unwind and play some games now and again.

  • Try your luck at the rat races as you bet on which critter gets the cheese first.
  • Play some dice games with the local tavern folk.
  • Turn-based lock picking has never been more fun!
  • Use your wit to open the magically locked riddle chests.
  • Hungry? Try hunting or our fishing mini-game to catch your own food.
Fish & chips anyone?
Fish & chips anyone?


Those tavern dice will come in handy
Those tavern dice will come in handy


Look at those critters go!
Look at those critters go!

Modern Sensibilities:

  • Event-triggered cutscenes help set the pace of the story and move it forward.
  • In-Game journal automatically records important plot information for you.
  • NPC portraits provide real face time with the 8-bit folk.
  • Automapping helps you find your way when you don’t have a map.
  • Clean interfaces that auto sort items based on common use.
  • Skill based character creation affects your style of gameplay.
Maps and automapping help you find your way
Maps and automapping help you find your way


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