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“Square Enix Collective is delighted to be supporting the Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King campaign. With stunning visuals, innovative camera mechanics and solid RPG crafting and story elements, Redlock Studios has struck a chord with this game.”

Phil Elliott, director of indie development, Square Enix.

Hi there. It looks like you’re here to learn more about Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King, and it seems like I am the perfect conduit for this. In case you are wondering, this is the astounding creature called the Whisperer, fellow citizen of Hypnos’s kingdom, now talking to you.

Let’s get started. My creator, Maxime René, has been working on stories around my universe for about ten years. He created lots of artwork, wrote many tales and even developed role-playing games based on that mythology. A year ago, he decided to take the ultimate step and gathered a team together – called Redlock Studio – to finally bring it all to life. And now is the time for you to help!

I’m looking forward to meeting you all in the game, dear Wanderers…


Maybe he dreamt himself up, birthed from the first spark, within his own creative consciousness. Maybe something greater breathed him to life. The truth is without a doubt beyond our humble reach and stretches past all philosophical considerations. And it might be better this way. From a thought he conjured up the Void. From a glance, he made the world. And from a whisper, he created us.

For his kingdom, the first word came in a whisper. Before knowing what the sky, a mountain or a river was, this word echoed within our souls. From our birth to our last breath, we would serve and protect Hypnos.

Among countless wonders of his creation, we thought we will live and dream forever.

Then the King left. Nobody, even among his closest subjects, happened to know where and why he was gone, nor if he was still alive. Hypnos lost its soul without a warning or an explanation. From this moment, the kingdom gradually fell into a misty limbo.

From darkness and oblivion, unnatural entities entered this too-far-gone world and crushed everything that remained, shattering the realm in three separate pieces. Soon, it was nothing more than a dead land shaped in silence, ashes and shadows.

Thousands of years passed, or maybe just a moment. And no one remembers these lost times.


Without any memories of your past, now begins your quest for truth. As you march on those strange places, you’ll face incredibly powerful and mythic creatures; learning about them, and your own destiny.

Wait a minute. Here are a few things you may like to know before you dive into Hypnos’s fractured lands by yourself…

  • Every living thing in the world of Hypnos was born silent with a mask that defines their personality. Few came to life with a name, which could only be given by the King and defined the purpose of their existence.
  • The only ones who can talk are called Whisperers. They’re nothing like other people: Whisperers wear no masks, but handle words for the silent ones.
  • The Pretorians were once part of the Royal Army. Unlike normal citizens, they abandoned their mask and name to wear the Pretorian armor and served the King until their last breath…Or, at least, until he wasn’t there anymore. Now, they serve other masters…
  • The Demiurges, as they were named, are the ferocious entities that rose when Hypnos was falling. They are the last lords of the truth and mysteries of the world.

The story of Hypnos yet has to be discovered and the future is in your hands.
 Will you help the Wanderer on his journey?



The challenge for the player is to explore the whole, wide-ranging level, and then to solve it as a large-scale puzzle.

Each zone is made of :

  • One major puzzle that the player has to solve to progress through the adventure.
  • Three minor puzzles that will give you access to secret zones or different scenaristic nodes.



In this part, you must survive lethal traps, solve many enigmas and find your way through labyrinthic levels.


Through the game, the player will face 12 bosses, the Demiurges, and legions of fallens: dead creatures and citizens of the realm are now their servant and minions. There are different behaviour patterns for each one of them.

The fighting system is as pure as possible, relying on:

  • Player’s dexterity, reflexes and sense of timing. Light and heavy attacks, dodging, feinting and dashing are at the very heart of the gameplay and lead to special attack chains.
  • Skills acquired and used during the platforming phases.





The story is narrated throughout in the following ways:

  • The Whisperer’s narrative
  • Scrolls from the Geodesian Book, common objects in each level
  • Eibon’s fragments, hidden in some dark places.


Each one carries its own vision of the story. Indeed, Shattered encourages players to collect different lore elements that will tell portray differing perspectives (if not the precise opposites) about Hypnos. You’ll then have to reconstruct the truth according to your interpretation of the varying stories you’ve uncovered.


  • SKILL SYSTEM: Unlock different passive or active skills depending on how you want to play the game. Some hidden skill trees will give different skill sets, depending on the battles you fight and levels you complete.


  • CRAFTING SYSTEM: Every killed monster will drop Limbo Essences, which are the in-game currency. You can use them to heal yourself or throw them in the alchemical crucible. The crucible allows you to create several consumables, plus items to merge with your equipment in order to change your stats according to your preference. You can also improve your alchemy skills by collecting cardinal slivers.
  • LANGUAGE : Every single Eibon’s fragment is a letter of the alphabet. The more you have, the more you’ll be able to translate the Demiurges’ strange language. The player will need to understand and handle properly those elements to discover the most complete ending.

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