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Robo Puzzle Smash

Robo Puzzle Smash is an intensely competitive puzzle game inspired by Giant Robot anime and Puzzle Fighter.

Do you love competitive puzzle games? Super Puzzle Fighter? Maybe Dr. Mario? Yeah, Pxlplz does too! They think the world needs more, and with your help Pxlplz can make the next great fighting puzzle game!

Robo Puzzle Smash is a fighting puzzle game with a cool literal twist.  Match up colored blocks to send attacks to your opponent, then rotate the entire playfield to set up huge combos.

Rotate Your Playfield
Rotate Your Playfield

It’s a mind bending puzzle game like nothing else you’ve ever played.

Robo Puzzle Smash Gameplay
Robo Puzzle Smash Gameplay

Robo Puzzle Smash was designed to be played competitively

While on its surface it looks simple, advanced techniques make the game deeper than you might expect.  They run tournaments at conventions they go to and it’s crazy fun!


Featuring character designs by Iva Seow (did I mention she worked on art for Street Fighter V?) you’ll find a favorite character to kick butt with.

All the robots play, and attack with their own colors; some with only 3 (better at large drops) and some with up to 5 (better at smaller attacks).

The star of Solo Sentai DX, a popular video game series in the robot world. He is aware of his fame, though he isn’t a jerk about it. One of the greatest swordsbots in the kingdom, he is loyal to The Princess and will do anything to fulfill her wishes, even if it means getting ahold of the VoxSpark itself.

Mitsuko is a tough-as-nails San Botcisco resident. She’s a fiercely confident, bordering-on-cocky, military bot. She has little patience for anything she deems a waste of time or she perceives as in her way. Nothing comes easy for Mitsuko, and having fought her whole existence, she desires peace and wants to use the VoxSpark to that end.

Paco, short for Apocalypse Rex, is easy going and has a natural charisma. He was fired from his job as a stage performer at a popular children’s pizza parlor. His time spent as a performer left him yearning to be in charge of the whole operation, though he is strangely embarrassed by his love for the pizza industry.

As a mega-successful pop star, Persephone is at the top of the robot food chain, and she knows it. She believes she was built to be better. She masks her superiority in condescending kindness. Still, she sometimes wonder what being out of the spotlight would be like…

Xerxes is the ruler of The Underworld, a (literal) underground robot society that’s slightly separated from the society on the surface. He is hundreds of years old and has been gathering data for centuries, but this data has mostly been gathered underground, so he is largely out of touch with the mainstream surface society.

When The Magical Robot Forest was seized by the Robot Peacekeeping Force for development, Robear and his family were forcibly-yet-amicably displaced. Robear misses the tranquility of the forest, so it’s up to him to find a way to right the wrong perpetrated by the RPF and get his home back.


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Video Source – Tuxedo Vaile

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