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Op. Inherent Resolve

Action adventure role-playing game, inspired by the ongoing war against extremism in middle east, joined the assault as special forces!


The game is greenlit! Thank you for all the support!
The game is greenlit! Thank you for all the support!

Checkout the greenlight page for more updates!

Disclaimer: Inspired by true historical event. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. 

It all started with a war against a brutal dictatorship, the war is decisive, but the problems is not. Instead, it starts the long last conflict in the local region between religious groups, peaking atrocious civil wars, forcing more military group to fight, thus starts a never ending bloody circle. Each time the circle spins, the fight becomes more violent and radical.

Somehow, we must end this viscous cycle… … Join the Operation Inherent Resolve, a questful journey to punish the extremism, bring consensus and peace to the world where it deserves.

The main story line involving three main heroes that belongs to the operation inherent resolve.

The fighter,

 The sniper,

 The covert agent,




The whole story consists of 10 scenarios, with 3-5 main story quest in each scenario. Each scenario is exclusive to one of the hero, with 3 scenarios allocated for each one.

You can play as any heroes’ scenario at any time, only the inventory will be shared between heroes.

At the final scenario, you will be able to choose from all the heroes to play as, given that you have completed all three dedicated scenarios for that hero.

All you will see here are a demonstration of gameplay, they are recorded by development build, all the artworks and function are not final.

First person shooting


With a wide range of weapon composition from famous M4 carbine to the M24 sniper rifle, from Desert Eagle to Grapple gun. Also, comes with a range of attachment like scope and silencer. They way you rule the mission is limited by your imagination.

The AI can dodge, find cover, hit & run, throw grenade, melee! Possibly I will set them to depends on the difficulty setting, but I am doing my best to ensure fun single player experience.

Covert operation

Sneak from the darkness and hit where it hurts! Play Spectrum or Nebula missions, they are excellent at hiding and seek.

Questing and reward



Enjoy multiple main story quests and side quests, with game changing rewards! Each scenario is planned to have 3-5 main story quests.

Inventory And Special Equipment

Equip powerful weapons, armors to enhance your ability. Or use that first aid kit to save you from the dire fate!

There is also a concept of one special equipment that can be equipped, they have class restrict and can only be awarded at the final mission of each scenario. Here is some example.


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