Weekly Kick Pick – “No Mercy: For Lorne Hope”


Fight for a forest under siege in this brawler for PC and Mac. Hope lies with your team—at a grave cost. What will you sacrifice?

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No Mercy follows the story of four main characters, Elliot, Ray, Belle, and Orion, as they work to cleanse the forest and restore balance.

Use their different weapons and powers to crush anything that stands in your way, and explore the surrounding levels for hidden secrets.

Bursting with vibrant art and interlocking character arcs, No Mercy draws both you and the characters deeper into the heart of a forest under siege.

Your only hope lies in each other, but everyone has something valuable to lose. In a story of love, trust, and a fourth wall-breaking bird person named Kevin, you must work together to save the forest, your friends, or at the very least, your life.

No Mercy is a brawler built around the lives of strangers who find themselves in the forest as an ancient darkness, the Corruption, breaks free.

It plays like Castle Crashers mixed with the discoverable narrative of games like Journey, Braid, and The Stanley Parable.

Developers are working on a Steam Release for PC and Mac, with Act I being released in Summer 2017, Act II in fourth quarter 2017, and Act III in March 2018.

They would like to release the game as one complete story, so if they exceed our funding goal, that will allow them to work on No Mercy full time and accelerate their development timeline to release the game faster!


  • BLOODSHED: Hack and slash your way through slugs, spirits, and  corrupted golems that are destroying the forest. They named the game No Mercy for a reason. They expect you to bring your A-game or button mash your way through the forest to defeat the Corruption. Once you’ve beaten the game the first time, levels will unlock, and you’ll be able to play as any character you want, fighting until your heart’s content.


  • MULTIPLAYER: Relatively self-explanatory, but No Mercy has multiplayer! Play alone or with a friend (or hundreds of your closest friends on Twitch… they won’t complain).


  • ART: Every great battle is commemorated in a stunning painting. Get lost in the ever-shifting, colorful art of No Mercy: the painting that pays tribute to your quest to save the forest. The gestural strokes, expressive colors, and 2D backgrounds are designed for a visually expressive experience.


  • HIDDEN STORY: While destroying every enemy you can find, remember to stop and explore the vast forest around you. Eons of time have passed through those branches, and terrible secrets about the woods, the Corruption, and even your friends could be hidden amidst them. They never want story to break the flow of gameplay, so it has been integrated into the surrounding levels as hidden areas, context clues, and dialogue instead of long cutscenes.


  • CHARACTERS: Alternate through four playable characters in levels designed to gradually reveal more about their wants, needs, and (occasionally tragic) backstories. Each character has a unique fighting style that can be combined to add new challenges and depth to levels.



  • ACCESSIBILITY:  MVG has been working with The Able Gamers Charity to ensure that our game is accessible for those with disabilities. Our goal is to create a game that respectfully represents the disabled community, as two of our main characters, Elliot and Orion, live with disabilities. Accessibility and representation are important beyond measure, so we’re working to make sure we do it right.

Nature thrives on balance: the ebb and flow of the tides, life and death, day and night, order and chaos. The Shrine Keepers are entrusted with maintaining this balance and tending to the veil between what we know and what we wish we didn’t.  The forest they protect has always known Corruption, trickling like veins through the trees, but its true chaos was sealed away long ago. That is, until a golem is broken and releases the Corruption into the world. As it gushes out from behind the broken seal, the world is left to deal with an ancient, all-consuming chaos that has been building for hundreds of years.

Our story begins with Elliot as he’s racing to find his closest companion, Lorne, who was taken by the Corruption. His luck takes a turn for the worse when a corrupted golem tries to kill him, and the lost battle leaves him with only one arm and much less blood than when he began. As he phases in and out of consciousness, a stranger stops to heal his wounds and fashion him a new arm, albeit hastily, before moving deeper into the woods. As Elliot regains consciousness, he wakes with a renewed passion to find Lorne and to discover the person that replaced his arm, instilled it with magic, and saved his life.

Allies like Ray, Belle, and Orion will join his quest, though their motives are their own, and together they’ll work to defeat the Corruption. Belle’s training as a Shrine Keeper will be instrumental in purifying each shrine and weakening the looming foe. Though each character brings new talents to the table, they also bring baggage. It doesn’t take long for questions to arise. Why was Elliot so deep in the forest? Why was Lorne taken? Why does a bird person in a sweater keep following the group and making bad jokes?

Before long, our heroes will learn that the corruption wasn’t the only secret hiding in these woods.


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