Weekly Kick Pick – Neon City Riders: A Cyberpunk Turf Wars Action Adventure


Explore a decaying futuristic city in search of items, superpowers and companions to free all the turfs and unite their people again!

Neon City Riders is a 2D action-adventure game where you can explore at will the whole Neon City in search of items, abilities, superpowers and companions that help you finish your quest.


Now, picture yourself in a not so distant cyberpunk/nu-wave future where almost everyone in your city was forced to be part of a gang and dragged into a turf war that have broken the equilibrium of the whole metropolis and his habitants. Apparently the only way to restore this balance is to go deep into each one of the gang turfs and defeat their leaders to unify the city and its people once again.



What to expect about this game? Action, puzzles, memorable characters, colorful areas, cyberpunk thematic, nu-wave aesthetics and soundtrack, upgrades, items and much more!. We are developing the game both in English and Spanish, but could add more languages.


Some of our main inspirations for this game are The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Hyper Light Drifter, Earthbound, Metal Slug 3, Final Fight, Fallout 3 and Resident Evil. So, if you like any of this games, you’ll probably love this one!.



Move freely in a top-down view city while using your strenght, superpowers and items to reach new areas, characters and story fragments. Culminate all this in epic boss battles where you must show everything you have learned in each one of their turfs.


The genre of this game is a mixture of action, adventure and metroidvania!.



  • Explore the whole city at will while unlocking new maps and districts in the order you choose.
  • Interact with a society divided into gangs where each one of them possess unique superhuman powers.
  • Obtain new abilities and items to help you reach new places and complete areas with ease.
  • Defeat a great variety of enemies at high-paced action using ability strategies and even the environment.
  • Solve puzzles and riddles to test your intellect and keep on going in your adventure.
  • Relax, plan and talk to your crew members in your own hideout located in a warehouse on the neon district.
  • Enlarge your gang by recruiting new members that unlocks you options, tools and features to help you with your quest.
  • Save time with the fast travel option available from already discovered checkpoints while riding a cool floating-board!.
  • Change the course of the story by completing specific quests and getting special items.


Across the city you will find a lot of people to interact with. Some of they share you ideals of unification and peace, some others seek chaos and mayhem. Here is a quick peek of them.



 The protagonist of the game, the unselfish hero. You will play the rol of this rad dude that even with his rough appearance is ready to give everything to unify his city and to bring peace once again to his people.


Your self-called mentor. Evergray is an experienced inhabitant of the Neon City that shares, seeks and worships the same ideals than you. His vast experience will be pretty useful for your journey!.



Even with the city upside-down the people needs to eat, and that’s when The Ramen Crew brothers step in. They are always ready to provide a comfort zone filled with delicious food in every corner of the city. Of course, for a fixed price.


After the start of the turf wars, the whole city was forced to fragment into gangs. Every territory is delimited by violence, also their resources and people within belongs to the boss of each crew.



Making use of their super-human abilites to control electricity and audio waves, this crew has taken power of the west side of the city. Despite the violence they use to control their turf, their main goal is to preserve and restore the art (specially the music) of this decaying city.



Blessed (or cursed) with psychic powers, the ULR is committed to research everything about their mighty skills in order to replicate them for the benefit of humankind and the growth of the mass knowledge.



Acceptance and respect are the main objectives of this bunch of this creatures victims of the pollution and arrogance of the former society. This mutations granted them with thick skins and venomous fluids; which eventually rewarded them with the south side of the Neon City.



Not long after a technological pinnacle, the society experimented a quick economic downhill that ended in the fast accumulation of useless robotics and damaged utopian structures. Even when their time on the top was little, the cyborgs learned enough data and intelligence to create their own sub-society and seize the east side of the city. Now they just try to survive and encapsulate their kind into their turf.


In order to finish up your quests, unlock new areas and beat up your enemies you need to find a bunch of items and abilites hidden in the whole city and figure out how and when to use them. The mastery of your skills is key to progress in your mission.







Summon the skull power into your shoulder pad to open your way through the city.



Create a crystal clear box to avoid damage for a short period of time.



Allows you to see things normally invisible to the naked eye.



Reflect enemy projectiles back at them.


The original soundtrack is currently being developed by the chiptune composer Jorge Garcia (A.K.A. Vespeon). Enjoy the Nu-wave/Jazz-hop soundtrack filled up with nostalgia, action and drama all wrapped up exclusively in 16-bit era style instruments (Genesis/SNES) to achieve an old-school city ambiance.



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