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Explore and fight in a retro futuristic world. Swim deep into an oneiric, poetic and unique experience across dimensional planes

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You are Narita Boy, a legendary digital hero in an epic quest through simultaneous dimensions.

The digital kingdom is under attack and you are called as their last hope of survival. Explore a vast world to find the techno sword, the only effective weapon against the threat.

The aesthetic of the game is inspired by retro pixel adventures (Castlevania, Another World, Double Dragon) with a modern touch (Superbrothers, Sword and Sorcery) and an 80s plot homage (Ready Player One, He-Man, The Last Starfighter),  accompanied by the retro synth touch of the old glory days.


    • Pure handcrafted pixel sprites with rich and complex animations.
    • A homage to the 80’s that tastes like retro but is also new. Narita Boy reloads the creative canons to find an unique style that combines the past and the future of video games
    • Classic 2D scroller action with new exotic time and dimension jump mechanics, RPG elements and amazing worlds to explore; from the streets of the 80s to the weird futuristic landscapes of another dimension.
    • An awesome Soundtrack inspired by the glory days of analog synthesizers.
    • The Story will put you through a journey between dimensions, neglecting the ebbs and turns of Time itself. Meet weird, unique characters and wield powerful and strange magic.
    • Jump, fight, find your own way in order to progress, travel across dimensions and let yourself be amazed by the amazing retro futuristic universe of Narita Boy.
    • Find items to upgrade your digital magic and your (meta)physical strength. Find vehicles to traverse greater distances and use your instincts to find well hidden secrets.
    • Easy to learn, simple to play, but a real challenge to Master.



We are in the 80s. Lionel Pearl, a genius and a mysterious computer engineer, has created a console (Narita one) and a game (Narita boy) that are sold together.


The game is a tremendous success and has become a cultural icon. Posters and action figures of Narita Boy are a common find at teenagers’ rooms.

Nowadays it is the most requested console and game among youth.

However, the shrouds between worlds are thinning and game has become reality.

The Silent Eclipse is weakening the defenses of the Digital Kingdom.

The Stallions are coming and we need a real hero.

You are the legendary hero, Narita Boy.

You have been called to fulfill the arduous task of defending the Digital Kingdom from the Stallion invasion.

You are the chosen one, The Ultimate Hero. Within you, Trichroma Energy flows and you are the only capable of wield the Techno Sword.


 The Techno Sword 

The Techno Sword was forged by the Techno Fathers, using the powerful energy that emerges from the Core of the Digital Kingdom.

The Techno Parents are an ancient sect that venerate the Trichroma, the vital energy of the Digital Kingdom. Inspired by the core they learned to manipulate this energy and forged it into the Legendary Sword.
The Trichroma is the essence of the plane and it flows through everything in the digital realm. The Trichroma is formed by three rays of colours. The Techno Sword is forged with these rays and its high concentration of Trichroma is so powerful that only Narita Boy can wield it.


The Stallions are a dark force from the lower dimensions.

They are the DEVILISH invaders who yearn for the Conquest of the Digital Kingdom. They are out to steal the Trichroma, the powerful and infinite energy that emanates from the Core.

They are the dark forces that you will encounter during the game. Each with unique skills, from black blades to dark magic. Prepare to fight them until your last breath!

HIM, he is the leader of the Stallion Invasion. The Antagonist. The Dark Warlock. He is the Patriarch of the Underworld, a connoisseur of The Grimoires Of The Stinking Bytes.

Oh, and they have their own band, The Metallions!



 Explore the Digital Kingdom

Explore dozens of different environments. Travel across vast forests full of mysteries, sail oceans, run through stormy valleys, climb snowy mountains and explore caves where no one has ever been. More surprises awaits you in this adventure where environments are a key character.

The dark side of the Digital Kingdom

The digital realm is divided into two hemispheres. The north side, under the influence of Trichroma energy, and the south side, where the energy does not reach. In that area dangers lurk. The creatures that live there are anxious to feed on Trichroma. Among the dark speckled moorings of neon blue you will be the object of their desire. Move forward with extreme care, not only the Stallion will be looking for you.

Back to the 80s

Perhaps the plot will even take you back to Your Own 80’s… I cannot say more … Spoiler…


The mechanics that you can put into practice during the game include:










And some more mechanics that will be revealed during the game!

These are some of the NPC’s, Non Player Characters, that you will encounter during your adventure. Some will help you, but be wary, others will certainly not… Talk to them and discover new subplots.

Lionel Pearl


A genius and mysterious computer engineer, creator of the Narita One computer and the Narita Boy game.

In game supporting characters:

And many many others!


Comic page

Find and collect comic pages. Inside them you will discover expanded universes of the story as well as clues to advance throughout the game and to discover hidden areas.


High Density Floppy Disk

Collect floppy disks and upgrade your power. Upgrade and craft your blade, unlock new magic combos and digital spells

Free the digital realm, restore peace and spare no effort in annihilating the Stallions


Forge your legend, discover your destiny and travel between dimensions to unveil the connection across you and the creator of the most popular console and video game, Lionel Pearl.



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