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Dead Inside has been Greenlit and approved by Steam Community on September 20th, 2016, by holding spot at TOP 10 for over a week.

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Dead Inside is a horror style shooting game that delivers an eerie atmosphere made just right to give you that scare. Dead Inside offers many features such as an open world to roam around in, Unique items, smooth controls to your desire, easy/hardcore combat depending on your play style, If you love to play well put together horror games than Dead Inside is the game for you.


  • Single-player: Complete five chapters and solve mysteries of this world.
  •  Co-op for two and four players – Find your way out through such forgotten place.
  • Steam Workshop: Add/Edit your weaponry, tools and even AI! Achievements: Within each state you complete, you will keep unlocking more and more achievements.
  • And more!

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Suddenly, you wake up in the middle of unknown place. Your past memory is wiped clean and all you have is to find out what’s going on in such forgotten place. There are not any people around you. All you keep hearing is the wildlife, weird, and unknown sounds coming from all around you. Would you take a risk to find out what actually happened and would happen to you? Once you know where you at and what there left to do, you will need enough tools and weaponry to get out from such place, and defeat all creatures and wildlife that steps against you.


Even though co-op is currently in its early stages of development, you would be able to play it with your friends or a group of fiends (four people max) in order to survive against the hordes of aggressive creatures. Yet, you will have to find a final point in order to finish your mission.

The development of the Dead Inside began in the beginning of Summer 2016. It started by the solo indie developer Ata Berdiyev. Later on, after most of the basic mechanics were done, Ata introduced his colleague Frank, to the project – as the lead level designer, and Andrew as a lead graphic designer and editor in general.

Of course, there are other people that help with project, but with minor things only. As far as the current state of the game goes, it is nearly ready for Stream Early Access launch. Get ready, it’s near the corner.

Current Road-map:

Screenshots from the Pre-Alpha:




 Screenshots from updated levels:



Their amazing level designer is currently re-designing existing level. As from few screenshot above, you could get a little idea of what it would look like. Mainly, it will be a huge open world scene, where you as a player will be able to explore, survive and find your way out.

Besides level design, they’re also working on better game mechanics. They’re adjusting AI system, AI and player animations, and way more. Stay tuned for more updates to find out the process of its development.

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