Week 2 Of The Xbox Live Massive “Countdown” Sale


Xbox Live Countdown Sale

Today Xbox Live kicked off their massive “Countdown” sale. Besides the below list of deals you can take advantage of starting today, and ending on 1/9/17, they will also be hosting daily deals everyday.

You can check out the  Xbox Countdown site to find all of the daily deals. These prices are only available to Xbox Live Gold members.


Ark: Survival Evolved — $17.50

Video Source – EurogamerPortugal


Battleborn — $20

A tremendous band of badass heroes fight to protect the universe’s last star from mysterious evil in this next-gen shooter by the creators of Borderlands HEROESBattleborn has a deep roster of 25 playable heroes. Every hero has their own personality and comes equipped with unique weapons and powers.STORY MODEBattleborn’s Story Mode is a narrative experience that can be played entirely singleplayer, and can be played cooperatively with friends both splitscreen and online.MULTIPLAYERBattleborn’s team-based competitive multiplayer can be experienced by up to 10 players online in 5v5 matches, and includes four distinct multiplayer modes – Incursion, Capture, Meltdown, and Face-Off.

Video Source – Battleborn


Dead Rising 4 — $40

Dead Rising 4 marks the return of photojournalist Frank West in an all-new chapter of one of the most popular zombie game franchises of all time. All of the classic hallmarks of the ground breaking series return, including a huge array of weapons and vehicles players can combine to combat the horde ranging from the practical – to the practically insane. Players will also enjoy ambitious new features including new zombie classes, EXO Suits, and 4-player co-op multiplayer. With intense action and an unmatched level of weapon and character customization, Dead Rising 4 delivers a heart-pounding experience as players explore, scavenge and fight to survive in an epic open world sandbox. Available this holiday on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Video Source – GameSpot


The Division — $20

New-York City, today. An unprecedented pandemic has struck the city during the fever of Black Friday. One by one, basic services fail. In only days, without food or water, society collapses into chaos. You’re part of the Division, an autonomous unit of tactical agents trained to operate independently. Your mission: protect what remains and restore hope. • Fight your way through a breath-taking urban jungle dragged into chaos• As a member of the Division, customize your Agent, loot and upgrade your equipment with state-of-the art technology • Take back New York City from hostile factions, alone or with your friendsThe Division is an online-only game, an online connection is required to download and play the game.

Video Source – Ubisoft Canada


Doom — $30

Beat back hell’s raging demon hordes in the iconic DOOM. Rely on your arsenal of guns, upgrades, moves, and an advanced melee system to blow away demons in creative and violent ways.

Video Source – Bethesda Softworks


Fallout 4 — $30

As the sole survivor of Vault 111, you enter a world destroyed by nuclear war. Every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. Only you can rebuild and determine the fate of the Wasteland.

Video Source – Xbox On


FIFA 17 — $30

In FIFA 17, you’ll compete as Alex Hunter, soccer’s newest star. Play in any club in the Premier League alongside and against some of the world’s best athletes. The Frostbite game engine provides the most realistic rendering yet, so you’ll be in complete control of every thrilling moment on the pitch.

Video Source – EA SPORTS FIFA


Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition — $11

This action-packed adventure-RPG is inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Video Source – Machinima Trailer Vault


Overwatch — $40

Join a task force of international heroes on a mission to restore peace and order to a war-torn world. Pick from a wide array of heroes—from time-jumping adventurers to an armored, rocket-hammer-wielding warrior, to a transcendent robot monk. Each hero has its own playstyle, and mastering their abilities unlocks even more gameplay potential. No hero is alike in Overwatch.

Video Source – Xbox


Quantum Break — $30

Fix time before it destroys everything in this pulse-pounding thriller that plunges you into a dramatic story full of unpredictable mayhem.

Video Source – Xbox


Rainbow Six Siege — $25

Rainbow Six Siege is an intense, new approach to the first-person shooter experience. Choose from a variety of unique counter-terrorist operators and master their abilities as you lead your team through tense, thrilling, and destructive team-based combat.

Video Source – GameSpot


Rocket League — $12

Play soccer with rocket-powered cars in Rocket League for Xbox One. Crash your crazy car into a ball for incredible goals or epic saves across arenas. You’ll never be bored with 8-player online action so you can create different team sizes and configurations. Or, play in 2, 3, and 4 player split-screen mode locally or online.

Video Source – GameSpot


Steep — $48

Ride a massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends.

Video Source – GameNewsOfficial


Watch Dogs 2 — $36

Explore the birthplace of the tech revolution as hacker Marcus Holloway in his quest to shut down ctOS 2.0 for good.

Video Source – Ubisoft US


The Witcher 3: Complete Edition — $35

Return to battle as fabled monster hunter Geralt of Rivia and defeat the Wild Hunt on your journey to find the child of prophecy.

Video Source – GameNewsOfficial


XCOM 2 — $42

In this sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Earth has changed and is now under alien rule. Facing impossible odds, you must rebuild XCOM and ignite a global resistance to reclaim our world and save humanity.

Video Source – lzuniy

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