Warning! “Party Hard” May Lead To Homicidal Thoughts


Lets Party Hard With A “Party Hard” Review!

Have you ever had those annoying neighbors who are loud all the time? Having your sleep interrupted can cause a personal to have some disturbing postal thoughts.  In Party hard the lead character has had enough disrespect from his rude neighbors, and decides to silence them himself.

At first glance Party Hard appears to be simple and cheesy. The pixel graphics look like a game out of the 8-bit & 16-bit era. But once you get the mechanics of the game down it really sucks you in. For me the party music never gets old.

The story is narrated by inspector John West who is following the Party Hard Murder spree. Inspector John West is tied into to the murder by his daughter, who later you get to play with as a copy cat killer. The cut-scenes are very cheesy, just like I like em. They look like they are from a Sega Saturn game.

You play as an un-named knife wielding psychopath who grows a taste for killing party goers. In this skillful game of strategy the goal is to kill everyone at the parties without getting caught. You have to sneak through the parties and pick off each attendee one at a time without being busted.

Every stage is different, and has several ways to murder your victims. There are several traps on every board you can use to take the crowd out. There are also many staged events that are really cool. On one stage I made a phone call and triggered a zombie outbreak. I let most of the crowd get infected and casually picked them off as zombies in the open. Sometimes the stage events can cause negative outcomes that can play against you.

One of my favorite features of the game is its comedic styling with the party people. Some are literally party animals. At different parties you’ll find many celerity look-alikes ranging from Hulk Hogan to Darth Vader. I rather enjoyed killing Ronald Mcdonald.

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The overall goal is to kill everyone. There is no time limit, so you are free to kill when you can. In the beginning of each board the challenge is thinning the heard without being seen. This can require more skill later on in the game then you would expect.

Towards the end of each board it becomes the opposite way around. Instead of being annoyed that there are to many people everywhere, your dying for them to break away from the groups. There are usually several methods of disposing of bodies like trash cans, sewer holes, roof tops, and ice chests. In some locations its easy to post up near a body disposal area an work fast. In other locations they really make you work for it.

Being spotted during a murder has serious consequences. When spotted the party goer immediately runs to the nearest phone to call the police. When the cops show up you have to run for your freedom. There are many ways to escape, but getting caught means restarting the level. Having to restart the level after killing over 30 people can get a bit stressful. Getting caught by the party security results in a beat down that also causes you to have to start the level over.

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Besides the traps and events, there are also unlockable characters. As you get further into the game it gets progressively harder. In the above game-play video I only played the first few levels. I played on afterwards until what I think is the final stage. I’m not going to spoil it, but that level is extremely difficult.

The developers used to work mostly on casual, family-friendly games – until they participated in a game jam, creating the first prototype for Party Hard. TinyBuild backed up the original developers – Pinokl Games – to create a full version that’s now on Steam!

I’ve played some really cool indie games on Steam. Party Hard definitely ranks at the top of my favorites list. The only real downfall is towards the end it becomes a little repetitive as the challenge grows. Getting busted after playing for a half hour may cause you to rage quit.

Overall I think this is an amazing game for how basic it seems. The games mechanics are excellent. The funky music and silliness make it fun to play the whole way through. You can’t wait to see what weirdness is going to pop up next.

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This is a strategy game that requires skill and patients at the same time. Hunting each person like a wild beast can take time. It feels like some rounds are never going to end. It looks like a cheesy indie game, but be ready for a real challenge.

After my binge session with Party hard I’m not just going to say its one of my favorite indie games, but I’m going to take it a step further and say its overall one of my favorite games on Steam. If you haven’t played this indie gem I highly recommend it.

Next time your noisy neighbors are keeping you awake, pop on Party Hard and virtually act of your dark postal fantasies. If you happen to be a noisy neighbor, let this game be a lesson for you. You never know who is living next door!

Party Hard Review - #GTUSA 5

Check Out Party Hard On Steam Here

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