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Warlords: HeroesFight your way through 4 episodes of fantasy battle. Buying fighting moves, amour and hiring henchman to assist you on your journey.

– A game based on the Achilles engine set in the Warlords world.
– 3 Different characters with different weapons, moves, stories, henchmen, personalities
-Purchasable fighting moves after each level – learn and customize your fighting style as you go
– Hire henchmen to assit you on your quest
– Buy armour and magical items after each level
– 18 Standard enemy units+ 7 Bosses (Achilles had 3 Standard + 5 Bosses)
– 9 Different races with different backgrounds for their regions
– Freely explorable map, if you want to just go touring round fighting people, you can!
– Survival Mode
– Gladiator Mode – Exclusive to Kongregate


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Instructions in game.

BTW: Forward + attack means hold the way you are facing and press attack

Video Source – DeMiiZed’s Walkthrougs:2 New Vids Per Week!

Notes From The Developer:
– I licenced the music legally. It isnt from lord of the rings (although it is similar) and I have never played spellforce
– This game took longer than Achilles to make despite being based on it. It has loads added to it and many of the things people complained about in achilles have been improved (more than 1 background, more than 3 types of enemy, upgrades, nobody shooting you from off screen)
– When buying the move, pay attention to the description to see how to use it.
– Gladiator mode is supposed to be hard. If you need help, take a look at this thread:
– Damage has some randomness to it. This is because in real life you don’t know how many hits you need to kill someone, it varies depending on many things. The randomness is to simulate this. However different strikes/weapons do have different maximum damages and different units have different amounts of health. Check the strategy guide for more info (link on end of day menu in the game)
– There are cheats, but you have to finish all the episodes to unlock them. A “cheat menu” button will appear on the main menu

PEOPLE WITH SAVING PROBLEMS: I am looking into it. I have no had the problem myself and none of my testers have either, so it is hard for me to track down the problem. But I will continue to try.


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