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Wake The Dragon

Wake The Dragon – What will the game be like? It will be a two-dimension game with overhead view, in which a chubby Asian will be fighting against the mafia on various levels and in different locations. He used to work at a small diner for old man Wong, who he one night finds dead at the diner. He was killed by the Yakuza. That’s where our vengeful journey begins, full of explosions, blood, bullets, knocked out teeth, and ripped off limbs.



Game Characters

Main character – Enough cheesy main characters with abs of steel and shiny biceps. A hero must be scarier than an angry dragon. Our main character is a real dragon, and these guys will regret waking him. He possesses great strength and stamina. One bullet won’t be enough to kill him, that’s why enemies will be coming at him in packs. He is fast despite his physical appearance. He is trying to find the answer to why old man Wong was killed, crushing everything that gets in his way and everyone involved.


Old man Wong – our hero’s boss. Keeps a small diner with the best noodles around. Despite his unfortunate death, he is yet to appear in the player’s visions with guidance.


Yakuza – many little guys; they shoot, wave bats and hammers, show off kung-fu moves and die in many different ways.


Bullterriers – very angry fighter dogs; one won’t eat our hero but 2 or 3 might. .


Girls – not that powerful of fighters, but what could we do without them?

Kamikaze – crazy detonating guys. It’s better to stay away from them when they’re exploding and throwing their guts all over the place.


Big boy – huge guy, who can throw tables, TV-sets, and other furniture. Makes powerful punches after which he can even fling the main character. He can break walls with his fists but can’t use weapons because of his huge hands.

Some Bosses

Johnny Chu – cooks excellent dishes made of human meat in his restaurant – the Red duck. One of the Yakuza bosses. Let’s hope he doesn’t cook our hero for dinner.


Jade fist – A physically disabled mafia fighter, who reached the top of the criminal world. Fights with an artificial jade hand.


Samurai – one of the Yakuza bosses and chief of a newspaper factory. Antique weapons collector. Firearms clearly won’t be of much help to our character.


The player will use his hands, kick with his feet and do body slams.

In Wake The Dragon the weapons will be picked up in the left and right hand separately.

You will also be able to use chairs, katanas, bats, knives, extinguishers, etc. Tables, frozen carcasses, ripped out doors, and opponents can be used as shields. The firearms arsenal will also be quite wide, from guns and revolvers to large machine guns, flamethrowers, and bomb-throwers.

The aim is for the player to be able to use all surrounding objects. Such as – to throw an empty gun at an opponent, to throw an opponent at another one, to throw the vicious pitbulls at opponents, etc.

There will be other interesting moments with weapons, for example, if a rocket hits an opponent it will pierce him and together they will fly to the nearest wall, or a thrown running chainsaw digs into the mobster and saws him.

When a firearm runs out of bullets, the player will be able to use it as a close combat weapon.

In order to create a quality fighting system, there are combinations for close combat weapons – it’s possible make two hits with a sledgehammer, make the third one with a chainsaw, and saw the opponent in half.

Finishing moves

After the Yakudza misses several blows, he will fall on one knee and you will be able to finish him off. You can also finish off opponents when they fall by a wall or they’re lying on the floor. Next to some objects, there will be special ways of killing, such as: the player will be able to drown mobsters in the toilet, burn their faces on stoves, toss them into disintegrators, televisions, and electric transformers.


They are trying to make the opponent’s animation as smooth and interesting as possible. For higher quality, They filmed movements on an overhead camera, which was fixed up high. Somewhat like motion capture. Then separate frames were taken out and portrayed as pixel art. It’s a demanding process, but the result is worth it! What’s especially exciting are the complex movements, which aren’t too easy to imagine from overhead, such as flip falls.

Here’s an example of some animations. There will be much more in the game.

All objects and walls are destructible. All pieces of walls and objects, shells, blood, and bodies stay on the battlefield.

On some levels, there will be machines – cars, bulldozers, motorcycles, boats.

Sometimes the opponent’s backup will arrive in cars. It will be possible to take a car apart and use its parts in the fight against your opponent.

There will be levels with unusual fights and chases. Such as:

Sliding down a mountain in a bathtub, which was thrown out of a building by an explosion.

A motorboat chase with shooting and explosions.

In order for me to dive into the development process and so I can commission cool music from composers and buy necessary additional equipment they needed your financial help!

Without your help, He wouldn’t be able to make this game. Game development is his childhood dream, and today you can help the dream of a Siberian guy – his dream – come true. Please support the project on kickstarter and share it on social networks!

“Wake The Dragon has been Greenlit!”

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