VR Battle Grid – Free Virtual Reality Battleship Style Game On Steam


Ready to sink the fleetin this free Battleship style VR game? Step right into VR Battle Grid where you are the naval commander and the rockets are ready to launch! It’s you against the machine. Do you have what it takes to win?

Hunt down six classes of hidden ships: Aircraft Carrier, Amphibious Assault, Cruiser, Littoral Combat, Destroyer, Submarine. This classic strategy game played and known the world over by many names, including battleship, battleships, sea battle, salvo, combat, wings, grid attack, ship attack, attack at sea, l’attaque (French), bataille navale (French), Морской Бой (Russian), zeeslag (Dutch), 海戦ゲーム (Japanese), okręty (Polish), and more.

Once you strap our your HTC Vive headset you’ll definitely want to put on those headphones (or earbuds), because VR Battle Grid uses true spatial audio to create the most immersive experience. True spatial audio means that a rocket directly behind you sounds different from one directly ahead, and splashes at your feet sound different than one above you.

This is an early version, but it already fun to play. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please tell me ( what you like and don’t like about the game, so I can make it better.

Get VR Battle Grid on Steam Free!!!

VR Battle Grid - #GTUSA 2

Multiplayer support. Yay!

You can now play online with other Steam players!

If another HTC Vive owner launches the game while you’re in the lobby, you’ll automatically be connected with each other, so you can chat, and play a multiplayer game together.

As always, it’s great to hear your feedback. Send me ( a note if you’d like to coordinate a day and time to try it out together.

VR Battle Grid - #GTUSA 3


This game is one I play quite alot. It’s easy, entertaining and does exactly what you expect it to – and does it well.Excellent work!
6/10 and worth $2-3 BUT it’s currently FREE!!! – silencergroup


This is a great entry-level experience for new VR HTC VIVE users. After running down the usual intro pieces like The Lab and Trials on Tatooine, you’ll want to show someone who may have gotten a little overwhelmed this one. It’s relatable and simple. In its own right, it is excellent. One of my favourite experiences on the VIVE yet. No frills, just fun. – WickyRayne

Article Source – Steam

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