“THE VIDEOKID” Is Like PaperBoy On A Skateboard


This retro inspired game caught my attention today on Steam. Developed by PixelTrip Studios, THE VIDEOKID is a 80s throwback designed to get those nostalgic memories flowing.

If your an older gamer the first thing that comes to mind when watching the trailer is PaperBoy. If PaperBoy had a baby with Skate or Die, then that baby grew up to have a baby with Tony Hawk, you’d get THE VIDEOKID.

Game Description

Skate, hitch and grind your way through hazardous streets; dodging 80s bikes, cars, trucks, trains & more. The Videokid is jam packed with 80s nostalgia. Relive classic moments of all your favourite movie, tv and cartoon characters and remember… the further you get the more epic the references become!

The goal is simple: Avoid being busted by the cops, pull off sick tricks and complete crazy combos to earn bonuses; all whilst trying to stay alive just long enough to deliver your pirate video round and get to your girl in time!

From retro arcade style sound effects, to the incredible 8bit inspired soundtrack (written by DJ Savant) the Videokid pays pure homage to your favourite games of the golden era.


  • Take on ‘The Videokid challenge’ & be amongst the top 25 hall of fame
  • Unlock and play as some of your favourite 80s inspired characters
  • Wreak havoc on the wrong side of the law for maximum score
  • Pull off sick skate tricks & crazy combos
  • Laugh at endless ways to bail, slam and fail
  • Earn cash to spend on radical upgrades & powerups in the skateshop
  • Experience the nail-biting tension… the longer you live the harder it gets
  • See how many classic 80s characters & vehicles you can spot
  • Relive your nostalgic childhood where all things were awesome


As an older gamer sometimes I feel that games are getting so advanced that their losing their fun. I enjoy many new games, but at heart I’m more of a retro gamer. In the last couple of years the indie scene has hit us with a wave of retro inspired titles.

Many of the new games being designed to look like the classics are just as much fun as the originals, and sometimes even better. Since this game just came out today, I have yet to try it out to give it a review. If you try it, and like it, please come back and leave a short review in the comment section below.


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