Can Video Games Help You Get Out Of A Depression?


Video Games vs. Depression

Can video games help you get out of a depression? I’ve spent a couple weeks taking surveys with my gaming friends to see, if gaming got or helped any of my friends get out of a depression. The results were pretty shocking. Before I talk about the results I would like to state my theory on how it might be able to.


Ive found out with my research that TV works as good if not better then  pain relievers. Not the stronger pain relievers, but stuff like laughing gas. It’s just as strong, and that got me thinking could gaming be something like an escape from depression. Another thing that I thought of is quite often gaming takes way more focus then watching TV.


Then I thought about all the bones I’ve broken from a few months ago to 8 years, and realized that when I was gaming I did not even notice the pain no matter how bad it actually hurt. At this point I knew it was time to start surveying people and see if gaming helped them mentally with depression.


The results. 80% of the people I surveyed who were struggling with depression used gaming as an escape from depression. 60% of that 80% could use that as a big factor of getting out of depression. The other 20% only used it as an escape. 10% completely got over their depression with gaming. And the other 10% gaming had no effect on.



So can gaming get people out of depression? Basing of my research, it can help a huge majority ease their pain. A small percent completely gets over it, and a small percent with no effect. So I truly believe gaming can ease depression or completely get you out of it, and a small majority has no effect. I doubt the founders of video games had a clue on how much video games could change peoples live. Now knowing this video games might help one get over addictions and other things you can count on me finding out.


Please let me what you think about this topic down below in the comment section. Has gaming helped you or a friend out with depression?

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