Valve removes every Digital Homicide title from Steam


Some of you might remember Digital Homicide, for suing the videogame personality Jim Sterling. While the case against Sterling is still ongoing, Digital Homicide has now filed a subpoena against 100 Steam users as part of a new lawsuit. This has resulted in Valve removing all of the Digital Homicide games from Steam.

James Romine of Digital Homicide was granted the subpoena by a federal judge in Arizona. He is seeking the real identities of 100 users in an $18 million personal injury claim against these users for their comments and allegations of the studio’s products and how they were developed. Storefronts for about a dozen games were taken down yesterday evening.

In a statement to the press, Doug Lombardi has confirmed that this was action taken by Valve over the attempted Digital Homicide ‘personal injury’ lawsuit against 100 Steam users. “Valve has stopped doing business with Digital Homicide for being hostile to Steam customers,” Lombardi states.

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