UNDERTALE Little Buddies Series 1 Are Out Now


UNDERTALE Little Buddies – Series 1 are out now, and Fangamer has released a cool Undertale style trailer to go with them. You can pick up the whole series 1 collection here for $70.00 USD. Below you’ll find the trailer, some customer reviews from Fangamers official website, and some images of the figures.

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Great quality!

Wonderful quality figurines, and they arrived much sooner than expected! The only issue I had was that the pegs on Toriel’s base were just slightly misplaced, but it wound up working out just fine. Can’t wait for series two!

UNDERTALE Little Buddies - Series 1 - #GTUSA 2


Everything, everything, EVERYTHING about these figures is outstanding!!! I bought the complete set, and first off, they shipped out much earlier than anticipated. (The website said they wouldn’t be shipping out any figures until sometime in November, but I received mine Oct. 28th!) Then the cardboard box they were sent in was decorated with the Undertale logo and art of the characters. And then the packaging itself was really nice – if you’re one of those people that likes to collect stuff and leave it in the original packaging to display it, this would look awesome on anyone’s shelf.

Now let’s talk the figures themselves. They look spot-on like Gijs van Kooten’s original 3D renders! They’re just…AMAZING! The expressions and poses! The detail! The colors! The character names on the bottom of the stands! The size (they’re larger than I thought they’d be)! EVEN LESSER DOG’S NECK EXTENDS! I mean…wow! Fangamer nailed this, and then some!

If you’re an Undertale fan, BUY THIS SET NOW! It’s worth every penny! And you can bet I’m determined to buy Series 2 when it comes out next year, too! <3

UNDERTALE Little Buddies - Series 1 - #GTUSA 3

Great figure set with only one small problem

Very high quality set! My only issue was with the stands– the connection nubs seem slightly misaligned with the figurines, so it’s hard to get them on. My Toriel figure in particular simply will not lock on with both feet, but thankfully this isn’t too much of a problem, as it seems stable enough with just one foot locked in. For my part, this is a minor issue, not big enough to drop the ranking by a full star, but it would be nice if they were a little easier to slot in in the future.

Beyond that, these are vibrant and colorful figurines that do a great job of translating the characters of Undertale into a 3D environment. The style is fantastic, with a fittingly cartoony charm. As well, it’s a nice touch that the figurines can be taken out without any sort of damage to the packaging, which mitigates any hesitation in actually taking them out of the box.

I am somewhat in awe that an indie RPG with such a small team has gotten this level of quality merchandise. It’s inspiring. Kudos on the fine work!

UNDERTALE Little Buddies - Series 1 - #GTUSA 4

Amazing but missing something

There were a few minor hiccups with assembling the figurines, but they look phenomenal. I had a lot of trouble putting Toriel on her base because the holes in the feet weren’t deburred as well as they could have been, but that was easily remedied with a little brute force. Someone with a fine file/X-Acto knife could probably take a more graceful approach to this problem but the result was good enough for me.

The crew lives on my desk now.


UNDERTALE Little Buddies - Series 1 - #GTUSA 5



These figures are so nice!! Such great quality and the sculptor did an awesome job staying true to the original designs. The package is also super amazing, i love the long box they come in. Like the review below says , even the cardboard box they ship it it was so cute and had such a subtle attention to detail! Amazing product!!!!

UNDERTALE Little Buddies - Series 1 - #GTUSA 6

Figures Made With LOVE!

I received my Little Buddies today and absolutely adore them! You can tell that everything from the the shipping box; to the display box; to the figures themselves, was made with LOVE and care.

The box that the figures were shipped in came laden with cool little detail that I’ll leave a surprise for those that haven’t received theirs yet. The windowed display box is well made, being covered in Undertale aesthetic including close-ups of the figures faces on the back of the box.

The figures themselves are well made and well painted. Their poses do a great job complimenting their personalities. The Little Buddies are about amiibo sized with a level of detail similar to that of the more detailed amiibo. Overall, I love these figures and will immediately pre-order series 2 if they decide to make them.

UNDERTALE Little Buddies - Series 1 - #GTUSA 7

Everything was Perfection

Wow, they really knocked it out of the park with this one! Even the cardboard box they ship it in was cool, with all the characters printed on the outside. The product packaging is sleek and nice looking and the figures themselves are phenomenal. Once again, Fangamer has made a solid, high quality product that looks great. Can’t wait for Series 2!

Article Source – Fangamer

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