Ubisoft Launches South Park Phone Destroyer In Europe For iOS And Android


One week after its reveal at the Ubisoft E3 press conference, Ubisoft has soft launched South Park: Phone Destroyer in several countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Users of those countries can enjoy the game on their iOS and Android devices before anyone else.

South Park: Phone Destroyer is free to play and is instead supported by revenue from micro-transactions. “Everything can be earned in the game without paying, but you can choose to spend real world money if you wish,” the game development studio explained in their announcement on their official website.

“The game is designed so that nothing is ever locked behind a paywall. Everything in the game is available to all players as they progress, whether they choose to spend real-world money or not,” Ubisoft added, explaining how the game will have a level field of play for both free and paying players.

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