Twilight Princess Cosplays That Nail the Game


With The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD having released earlier this month, it made many a Nintendo fan nostalgic, including myself. Cosplay is becoming bigger and bigger everyday now, and it’s just one more way for fans of games and anime to represent and show their love for for their favorite franchises.

I scoured the interwebs and found some of I thought were pretty great cosplays that were inspired by the Zelda game. Take a look, and let us know what you think of these cosplays!

I present to you the REAL Twilight Princess, Princess Midna in her human form. How gorgeous is she?

Princess Midna Twilight PrincessPhoto Credit

Here is Midna in her more well known Imp form. Hey… where is Wolf Link?

imp Midna Twilight Princess

Photo Credit

A gorgeous picture portraying our two princesses from the game… Princess Zelda and Princess Midna.

Midna Zelda Twilight Princess

Midna & Zelda

And of course… we can’t forget about the hero of Time, Link himself.

Link Twilight Princess

Photo Credit

Link and Midna looking lovelier than ever…

Link Midna

Photo Credit

Link in his first outfit in the game – his Ordon Village garb.

Ordon Village Link Twilight Princess

Photo Credit

Now, this one had to be a challenge to put together and pull off – the infamous Shadow Beasts of the Twilight Realm.

Shadow Beast Twilight Princess

Photo Credit

A group cosplay featuring Zant, Link in his Magic Armor, Puppet Zelda, and Ganon himself…

Zant Ganon Zelda Link

Photo Credit

And here we have Zant-unmasked… Pretty creepy, is it not?

Zant Twilight Princess

Photo Credit

And last, but certainly not least, Ganon and Zelda as his Dark Puppet.

Ganon puppet zelda Twilight Princess

Photo Credit

What did you think of these cosplays? Let us know which were your favorites, and of course be sure to follow the credit links for the pictures to give credit where credit is due!



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