“Trouble Witches Origin – Episode1” – Extreme Bullet Hell Review


Trouble Witches Origin – Episode1 Daughters of Amalgam

I’ve never tried any of the Trouble Witches games in the Trouble Witches series. To be honest I’ve never even heard of them. I read in reviews that some people consider this game one of the best shumps ever.

I do love a good shoot ’em up game, but rarely play them. I also read people say this is an amazing port from the Xbox 360 to Steam.

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So before I go any further I’d like to point out that this game shouldn’t just be considered a shump. Its more like half bullet hell, half visual novel.

The cut scenes are spoken in Japanese, and translated to English. Let me just say these cute animated characters are really chatty. The conversations nearly go on as long as each stage.

If your a fan of anime’s then this is definitely a game worth checking out. The story line is actually very cool from what I read into so far.

There are already many full series of videos on YouTube for this game. So I only played through the first stage on very easy mode just to give an example for those that are new to the series.

Trouble Witches Origin - Episode1 - #GTUSA 2

Now for game-play. A problem with many bullet hell type games for me is sometimes they can get so intense its overwhelming. I tend to die a lot, and it gets frustrating.

If your like me and not looking for the ultimate shoot ’em up challenge with every shump you play, then this may be the game for you.

I found the game-play to be very fun and manageable. On easy the projectiles move pretty slowly. The game also offers unlimited continues for those of you who rarely make it through a shump.

Trouble Witches Origin - Episode1 - #GTUSA 3

The games mechanics work great. By letting off of the auto-shot button you collect all of the coins on the screen. The game offers many extras and unlockables, so collecting all of those coins is very gratifying.

I think this game is amazing. In the user reviews someone said the Steam version is even better then the Xbox 360 version was. I was shocked to see it only got a Positive overall user score. I would rate this game as Very Positive to Overwhelmingly Positive.

The cut-scenes go on a bit long, but that is what some gamers are looking for. I’m all about the action, and this game offers plenty of it. If your a fan of intense shoot ’em up games, or a fan of anime’s I highly recommend this game.

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