Top 5 Video Game BadAsses


Today I’m going to be doing a top 10 video game bad asses. These are based of my opinion and what I feel makes a badass. things like making the sacrifice to save others but not your self, never giving up on saving who your trying to save, and much more. So with that out of the way, lets jump in.

5. Dom – from gears of war. I always feel like Dom is not mentioned enough. A hero trying to save his wife and every one else. Its hard to believe he was mentally stable with all he went through, but he powered through it all to save who he could. In the end he couldn’t save who he wanted to the most, He got to hold her before she died though. even after all of that he still keep on fighting untill he had to make the ultimate sacrifice to get his comrades out of a jam. I’m not sure about you, but that sounds like the ultimate bad ass to me


4. Mario – One of the things I’ve always loved about Mario is how relentless he is. He will never give up no matter how many times Bowser takes princess peach, and he never complains about it. He deserves a higher spot but there are so many more bad asses that surpass him. Another thing I’ve always liked, is Mario came from humble beings. If you think about it he was a plummer who manged to go down a drain into a crazy weird world. so in a way Mario has always been kind of a underdog.

Super Mario - #GTUSA 1

3. Duke Nukem – You know duke had to make the list! He is probably the biggest badass of the Nintendo 64. One Thing I’ve always thought was cool about Duke Nukeem is that he still stayed cool over the years. He manages to keep his huge ego as he is fighting aliens. I’m not sure about you but that would be impossible for me to do. You cant deny  looking death in the eye with a smile on your face is badass.


2.  Master Chief – He is the faceless leading man of Bungie’s Halo series. Although we don’t get to see much skin, the chiseled detail in this armor hints at a body just as badass as his attitude. Possessing a “less talk, more action” personality, Master Chief usually rises victorious out of difficult situations, and is a fearless leader.


1. Lara croft – The ultimate badass and inspirational character. She is a full on badass. Indian Jones would tremble in fear if he saw her in a dark cave. She has gone on so many adventures all life threatening and barley ever even got nervous.  She looks fear in the eye and I think that’s the most badass thing some one can do.


Who Do You Think Is The Most Badass Character In Gaming?

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