Top 5 NES Games


I decided about now would be a good time to do a top 5 NES games list. It’s based on my opinion and can’t be the same franchise. So let’s jump in.


-Number 5-

One of the best beat-’em-ups around: Double Dragon 2. In this one it has a two-player mode. Which, for me, already makes it twice as fun. The difficulty goes up a perfect amount each level and controls are amazing.




-Number 4-

Life Force. This game is perfect with its power ups. The difficultly of the game just makes you want to keep playing. It’s by far one of the number one multiplayer games on the NES. I would highly recommend you get it it’s only a 10$ game to.



12-Number 3-

Contra. This is by far the best shooter on the NES. Everything about this game is spot-on. From the multiplayer to the power ups, also some of the most memorable bosses. I would say this is a most have.



13-Number 2-

You can’t think NES without thinking of Super Mario Bros. 3! It’s truly a masterpiece and you’ve got your money’s worth from it as it’s a decent size game. It had my favorite power-up in it: Flying. This game was a game-changer. This is a must have.



15-Number 1-

My all-time favorite the Legend of Zelda. This amazing game has taken weeks and maybe months of my life. It has amazing secrets and fantastic dungeons that correlate well with the bosses. It’s a perfect game, and the controls are amazing and it seems like I still find new secrets on that game even now.


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