Top 20 SNES Games – Its So Hard To Pick Your Favorites


With the Super Nintendo’s 25th anniversary coming up, we figure it would be the perfect time to do a top 20 SNES games list. Please remember that top 20 lists are editors choice. Its rare when everyone can agree on which was the best. Especially when it comes to the SNES.

#20. Fzero –

Top 20 SNES Games - #GTUSA 1
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This game makes you realize how easy most games are now a days. This is by far one of thy hardest. but yet funnest games for the Super Nintendo.

#19. Secret of Mana –

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This action role-playing game released in 1993 by Square. It is the sequel to the 1991 game Seiken Densetsu, released in North America as Final Fantasy Adventure and in Europe as Mystic Quest, and it was the first Seiken Densetsu title to be marketed as part of the Mana series rather than the Final Fantasy series.

#18. Contra 3 alien wars –

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Conta is such an amazing series, and such a difficult series. Contra 3 is no exception on the difficult part. In my opinion Contra 3 was one of the greatest shooters of all time.

#17. Earthbound –

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You might be asking why Earthbound is so high up on the list. Its because there are so many amazing RPG’s on the SNES, we could do an entire top 20 post on just them. Earthbound is a legendary RPG, but I don’t think it was the best on the console.

#16. Super Castlevania IV –

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Castlevania is such an amazing series. Of course you know it had to make the list. Super Castlevania IV was action packed and very challenging. One of my favorites of the series fo sho!


#15. Final Fantasy 3 –

Top 20 SNES Games - #GTUSA 6
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It is heavily debated which was the greatest Final Fantasy on the SNES. So I’m just gonna go with my favorite. For its time this RPG blew role-players away.

#14. Street Fighter 2 Turbo –

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One of my favorite arcade fighting games, Street Fighter II Turbo was also one of the greatest games on the SNES. The SF series still is at the top of the fighting game genre to this day.

#13. Turtles In Time –

Top 20 SNES Games - #GTUSA 8
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When this game was launched, the Ninja Turtles were possible at the peak of their popularity. Around this time they had more merchandise out than The Simpsons. Turtles in Time was possibly one of the greatest TMNT games ever produced, and one of my all around favorites on the system.

#12. Super Punch Out –

Top 20 SNES Games - #GTUSA 9
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Though it wasn’t quite as popular as the original Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Super Punch Out was the best boxing game of the 16bit era in my opinion. I think it deserves the #12 spot on my list.


#11. Star Fox –

Top 20 SNES Games - #GTUSA 10
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Star Fox is without a doubt the most popular flying game ever. When the original was released flying game fans went bananas over it. Not only did it have great controls and graphics, it had a great story line to boot.

#10. Zombies Ate My Neighbors –

Top 20 SNES Games - #GTUSA 11
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I questioned bumping this gem a bit lower. There are so many great titles to choose from, it was hard to decide what spot to place Zombies Ate My Neighbors. I still love to play it to this day.

#9. Mortal Kombat II –

 SNES Games - #GTUSA 12
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Now some of you may argue that the original, or part 3 were the greatest. For me MKII rules supreme. When the first MK came out fighting fans loved the fatalities. When MKII released they really stepped their game up.

#8. Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars –

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars13
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Speaking of the many great RPG’s on the SNES, here is another. Perhaps the funnest RPG on the SNES, but not the greatest.

#7. Mega Man X –

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars 14
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If your a Mega Man fan, then I’m sure you treasure this game. One of the greatest out of all of the series. Still has great reply value. I can never tire of this classic.

#6. Super Metroid –

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars 15
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While the original is still my favorite, Super Metroid was also a killer game. I found it much more challenging and in depth. When I played it recently, it was much harder of a game then I remembered.

#5. Donkey Kong Country –

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars 16
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Now I love all of the Donkey Kong Country games, but there is nothing like the original. Its hard to pick a #1 SNES game, so I can see someone choosing this as their favorite.

#4. Chrono Trigger –

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars 17
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Chrono Trigger is thought of as the greatest RPG ever by many, and for good reason. It has one of the greatest story lines in all of gaming. I still break this game out for a replay every few years. I can never get tired of it.

#3. Super Mario Kart –

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars 18
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This is where the great Mario Kart series all started. Though the replay value isn’t as great as I remember, it was one of my most treasured favorites as a kid. It definitely deserves #3 on the list.

#2. Super Mario World –

 SNES Games - #GTUSA19
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The game that came with the SNES, was also one of the greatest on the list. In a Mario game top 20 I’d probably pick Super Mario World as my #1.

#1. The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past –

 SNES Games - #GTUSA 20
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Now I’m sure many will debate what is the greatest game on the SNES. We decided to go with A Link to the Past. If your questioning our motives, then maybe you’ve never played it.


Thanks for checking out our Top 20 SNES Games List. I’m sure you have several disagreements with our choices, so let us know in the comments which games we left out, or which games you would have ranked differently.

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