Top 10 Xbox 360 Games


Top 10 XBOX 360 Games

I figure with the Xbox 360 game library coming to a close it would be a awesome time to do my top 10 favorite xbox 360 games post. They do not have to be exclusive to make the the list. This is also not about what games sold the most. There might be a gem or 2 in the list. With that being said, let’s jump in to number 10.

#10. Army of Two the 40th Day – I love this game! One of the coolest things about is it brings the team work factor to a whole new level, with things like back to back combat, step jump,s and much more. Its not in the average top 10, but I felt like it was one of the best shooters on the Xbox 360.


#9. The assassins creed trilogy – I honestly can’t name an assassins creed game I don’t like. My favorite thing about the series is how they bring stealth to a whole new level. The story for each game is amazing as well. I have not played many games with such compelling story’s.



#8. Gears of War Trilogy – The original Gears of War was the first modern shooter I played. It was one of the main things that got me so in to the shooter genre. The multiplayer on this game is legendary, and it has chainsaw machine guns. What else can you ask for in a game.


#7. Minecraft – This game unlocks everybody’s creativity. I remember the first time I played it, I was not expecting much for a 20 dollar game, but it blew my mind with how fun it is. I have probably over 800 hours in Minecraft. I highly recommend you get this game.


#6. Resident Evil 5 – This game has always been special to me. It was one of the first games I beat with my dad, and the multiplayer made that possible.  This game in my opinion was just as good as the legendary resident evil 4.


#5. Left for dead – This game is my favorite multiplayer zombie game. It also holds a special place in my heart. There is nothing better than hacking and slashing zombies with your friends. Oh wait, there is you and your friends versing each other as zombie and human. One of the craziest yet most brilliant ideas.


4. Borderlands 2 – Borderlands has always reminded me of a multiplayer fallout, and what makes a legendary game better, making it multiplayer. Between farming for legendary weapons or trying to beat the game, I have put over 2000 hours in this legendary series.


#3. Bio shock – The first game I did not like the first time I played it, but I don’t think I give it a good enough shot. The next time I tried it I knew it would be one of my all-time favorites for the console. One of the cooler things Bio Shock has always had was its in game horror factor.


#2. Mass Effect – This is one of my all-time favorite shooters. The story was an emotional roller coaster. What can I say, this series is perfect. You have not lived till you’ve played Mass Effect. I highly highly recommend you play it.


#1. Skyrim – This Game I’ve spent about 3000 hours playing, there is nothing more addictive. This is my all time favorite MMO. The mods on it are amazing! Everything about this game is perfect. You need to play this amazing game if you still haven’t.


What is your favorite game on the Xbox 360? Let us know in the comments below…

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