Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Systems Of All Time


Have you ever wondered what the most popular gaming system of all time is? Gaming systems are categorized by generation. Currently we are up to the 8th gen of gaming consoles and handhelds. In those 8 generations we have seen many mainstream consoles on the market.

Since the 8th generation of gaming is still in full effect, I’m going to exclude it from this list. The Wii U was considered the first system released in the 8th gen. It launched on November 18th, 2012.


#10. Nintendo Entertainment System

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Units Sold – 61.91 Million   Year Released – 1983

If you were a child of the late 70s to early 80s, then the NES probably revolutionized gaming for you like it did me. Though the Atari was my first official console, the Nintendo Entertainment System came along and blew me away. It might rank in at #10 with units sold, but for many of us it ranks #1 in our hearts.


#9. Game Boy Advanced

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Units Sold – 81.51 Million   Year Released – 2001

The first, but not last of Nintendo’s handhelds to make the list is the GBA. I showed up late to the races for this handheld, but loved it when I finally did obtain one. I pretty much conquered every game for this system I wanted now, but still enjoy occasionally digging my favorites out.


#8. PlayStation Portable

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Units Sold – 82 Million   Year Released – 2004

For me the PSP was one of the coolest handheld because it is so easy to hack. The library of games was okay. I called my old PSP my pocket retro emulator. Retro roms are so small in data size it is easy to pack your memory card full of all of your favorites. Personally I like to play Nintendo games on a Sony system.


#7. PlayStation 3

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Units Sold – 83.8 Million   Year Released – 2006

Now I am really surprised to see the PS3 ranked at #7. Like the ad says, it did everything for its time. It even had free online, compared to Xbox Live being a paid subscription. The problem was the console came out much later then the Xbox 360, and was a bit more expensive. Even though I’ve been a PS fan since the PS1, I owned several 360s before I could afford a PS3.


#6. Xbox 360

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Units Sold – 84 Million   Year Released – 2005

As stated above, I owned several Xbox 360s. This is the console that made me hate Microsoft. Most gamers who bought into the original version know all about the red ring of death. It was so common I made a small biz out of repairing them. I seen the pain on so many gamers from Craigslist faces as they showed up at my door with their RROD 360s. Not only did they knowingly market the crappiest designed console in history, but they made you pay to play online.

The newer model of 360s that came along much later were way better, but Microsoft left a bad taste in my mouth after the original models. Then when they launched the Xbox One they forced their loyal fans to buy the new Kinect in a bundle for an extra $100. Nobody wanted the new Kinect after the epic failure of the first one. Dirty biz in my opinion. I am not a Xbox fan, but still appreciate its contributions to gaming history.


#5. Wii

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Units Sold – 101.63 Million   Year Released – 2006

Out of the 7th generation, its surprising that the Wii trumped the PS3 and 360 in sales. Many gamers at the time felt like it was a system designed for children. I personally loved the Wii. The Homebrew channel was awesome. The Wii is probably still the easiest system to soft mod. The Wii controller is probably the leading cause of broken flat screen TV’s of all time.


#4. PlayStation

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Units Sold – 102.49   Year Released – 1994

When the PS1 came along it changed the face of gaming for me. I traded a friend about 5x the value for my first PS1 with Resident Evil. Compared to the Sega Saturn the PS1s graphics were like playing in real life. Not really, but back then its what it felt like. I still think the PS1 is the home to the majority of the greatest RPGs ever.


#3. Game Boy/ Game Boy Color

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Units Sold – 118.69 Million   Year Released – 1989/ 1998

The original Game Boy is another system I have much love for. When I was a kid I never left home without it. For me the Gamegear came along and blew it away, but I’ll still never forget my fond memories of this battery eater.


#2. Nintendo DS

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Units Sold – 154.02 Million   Year Released – 2004

I still love, and play NDS often. It is my favorite handheld for sure. Nintendo published a vast amount of turn-based RPGs for this system. I still am not even close to conquering all the games on my wish list. I still don’t care about investing into a Wii U or 3DS because I have yet to move on from the NDS.


#1. PlayStation 2

Top Selling Gaming Systems of All Time - #GTUSA 10
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Units Sold – 155 Million   Year Released – 2000

Its hard for me to pick a favorite video game system, or PlayStation console. PS1, PS2, and PS3 all rank at the top of my personal list. The eyes tended to burn out nearly as much as 360s red ringed, but it was an amazing console. I still remember being blown away by GTA III. So many epic games were published on the PS2, and many still hold up to be fun to play to this day. The PS2 earned its spot in gaming history with a whooping 155 million units sold.


Looking at this post, I suddenly realized how much of a gaming geek I truly am. Not only have I owned every system on the list, but I owned each several times. I really enjoyed putting this post together.

So do you think any of the current systems in the 8th generation stand a chance at bumping the PS2 to #2 on the list? What are your favorite systems on the list? Please leave us some feedback in the comment section below.

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