Top 10 Android Hacks You Need To Know


When most people hear the word hack, they imagine a job done by an experienced tech savvy individual or a good hacker. However, even an average person with no IT skills can still hack their Android device to improve its functionality. These simple to do tricks can make your Android usage experience better and fun. With people using their phones to do almost everything from calling, chatting, surfing on tech blog to telling time, Android hacks have become the go-to option for making these devices better than ever. Here are the top Android hacks you need to know:-



  • Erase your data hack

Losing a phone is one of the most frustrating and painful experience. It’s even worse when you are aware that someone else could be accessing your private data. The moment you purchase a new phone of the most useful apps that you need to install is the AndroidDevice Manager.  When your phone gets stolen, you canloginto your Google account using another phone and erase all the data on the stolen device. You can also loginto your android device manager account and ring the phone when you misplace it.


  • Save your battery hack

Most people don’t know that colorful wallpaper, activethemes, and bright screen savers contribute in the fast drainage of Android batteries. To improve your battery life and reduce overheating then opt to keep your phone in a monochrome state. Black and white give your phone a classy look. For this hack, you need to go to the setting options and activate the full monochromatic option. All the icons, photos and apps will take on the black and white look, and you will prolong your charge especially when you are in areas where there is no electricity or charging options.


  • Record conversations


While it can be considered aninvasion of privacy when you record intimate conversation; sometimes recording voice calls can be helpful especially threatening ones. While you can use the voice recording option on your Android phones, you need a call recorder app to record voice calls. Even if your phone manufacturer has restricted any call recording, you can use this app to bypass the blocked status and record any number of calls you want. What is amazing about automatic call recorder app is that it doesn’t need to root your android device for the hack to function.


  • Translate text to another language


If you are want to impress our foreign girlfriend or to translate a text written in English to another language, then use Google translate. Instead of wasting time using the copy and paste option to transfer your text in a translation browser, with the app you don’t have to leave your current page. All you have to do is download the app, install it on your phone and select the text that you want to be translated. The different languages will then pop up on the screen, and you can click on the language you prefer.


  • Have unlimited access to your media device

Playing your favorite tune on the go is one of the main reasons why most people opt to buy Android phones. However, the internal storage of the phone can limit you to the number of songs to have including having to delete those you rarely listen to. However, you can have unlimited access to all your music saved on the laptop by using Gmote which connects your mobile and PC.


  • Dim your brightness

While having a fully bright phone is great for playing games and viewing videos, the more light you use, the faster your battery drainage and the higher the chances of negatively affecting your vision. While there are various tricks you can try, the best one is always to keep your Android device in automatic brightness mode. Putting a lot of widgets on your screen can quickly eat up your charge. Creating several folders and putting all the apps in their respective folder is a good trick to declutter your screen and save battery life.


  • Boost your Android phone reception


If you always have to look for signals in particular areas, then one of the tested and best hacks for improving your phone’s signal is to check the type of service you get on your phone. Use specific codes depending on your device and put it in a field testing option. This mode will boost your signal bars.


  • Use the inbuilt backup option

Most people don’t know that their Android devices have a backup system that is inbuilt. Knowing how to use this feature can help save crucial data in case you drop your phone in water or any other unfavorable conditions. The backup and reset option on your phone setting can be tweaked so as to back up phones contact, message, and passwords. To access this important feature, click on settings then back up and reset category. The backup process can also be synced with your Google account or email. What’s cool about this hack, is that you can restore your data to new Android phone in case the old one gets damaged or stolen.


  • Voice to text hack


Typing lengthy texts can be time-consuming. However, most phones have the voice to text feature whereby you can make your phone to understand your voice and convert whatever you say into word. By frequently using this feature, your phone will recognize your voice including how you talk and pronounce words and then correctly construct the sentences you say. After you’re through, you will only have to make a few edits, and your document or text will be ready to send.


  • Make use of the system UI Tuner

You can use the system UI tuner on your Android device to check the health status of your battery. What this hidden phone feature does is to give you battery life presentation using numeric figures. To activate this tuner, go to the notification page which is often found by swiping down the home screen. Then on the device setting enable the system UI tuner and click on the show battery percentage option.


With any of these hacks, you can turn your Android phone into a better and cool device.


This post was submitted by Swati Sharma.



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