TMNT: Turtles in Time Review


This is one of my all-time favorite games for super Nintendo. It’s an instant classic. In my opinion it’s the best of the TMNT games. This review is of my opinion, so let’s jump in shall we?picc1

First thing I would review are the graphics. The graphics are amazing. You can even throw some of the enemies out of the screen, which was pretty revolutionary back in the day. I don’t pay attention to graphics a lot because my favorite console is NES, but these graphics stand out for sure.

Graphics 9/10

tmnt part 2

Next thing should be the storyline. This had the best storyline out of the TMNT games. The cut senses were amazing and made you fall in love with the game.

Storyline – 10/10

tmnt part 3

Next would be the multiplayer. This game has amazing multiplayer. It’s side-by-side beat ’em up action, and it was amazing in this game. It somewhat needed two players to beat it or you had to be really good at it.

Multiplayer – 10/10

tmnt part 4

Next would be the controls. The controls are solid. They have an awesome feel to them. With the SNES controller, all-new fighting moves were made as well. But I think TMNT 3 controls were much better.

Controls – 8/10

tmnt part 5

Next are the boss fights. I feel this is a big part of each game because without a boss to fight, what’s the point. This had some of the most memorable bosses I have fought.

Boss Fights – 9/10

tmnt part 6

Next is the difficulty. I love how balanced it is and it raises perfectly as you progress. The final boss is perfect on his difficulty. I think how it progresses can be compared to the perfect difficulty of the Mario Bros. series.

Difficulty – 10/10

tmnt part 7Now the last thing: Overall game. Its story is amazing, the graphics stand out, the multiplayer is amazing, the controls make this already solid game even better, and the bosses and difficulty set the tone for making this one of the best TMNT games there is.

Total Score – 10/10

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