TMNT: Mutants In Manhattan Leaked Info


Originally in November some database hunters found that Mutants in Manhattan had been rated in Australia. Shortly after some art popped up. In the beginning of this months the achievements leaked. Then again yesterday we had some screen shots surface.

Activision has yet to announce this game. The writers over at Kotaku are having a good time making jokes about leak marketing. But maybe they are right. Slowly leaking tidbits of game info seems to be an effective strategy. Gathering underground info piece by piece is great for building suspense. This game could totally blow and I’d still be interested in checking it out now.

Since this is round 4 of leaked information, I’m fairly certain this game will be a reality in time. Until either Activision announces this leaky faucet, or the next batch of info is leaked, enjoy the 2 new screenshots.


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