Titanfall 2: Calling All Multiplayer Titans


Four Multiplayer Titans

Respawn has released a new trailer for Titanfall 2, introducing fans to the remaining four playable titan types in multiplayer. The new trailer gives players their first glimpse at Tone, Northstar, Legion, and Ronin.

Tone specializes in locking-in on its enemies, making every round and rocket count. Equipped with a 40mm tracker cannon, tracker rockets, and salvo core, any fight with Tone can quickly become explosive.

Northstar gives titans a new perspective, taking fights into the air. Capable of hovering in combat, Northstar attempts to create distance from enemies in hopes of striking them with a well placed charge from their Plasma Railgun.

Legion, equipped with a powerful minigun, is the heavy hitter in the lineup. Legion can switch between close range and long range rounds, and can also deploy a shield from its minigun.  Any enemy unlucky enough to find itself too close to Legion, may find themselves impaled by its minigun.

Ronin is all about speed. Equipped with a katana and shotgun, and the ability to slow enemies with its arc wave ordinance, Ronin is a hit and run specialist.

The new trailer also features Ion and Scorch, which both made an appearance in the multiplayer tech test. Ion explodes onto the screen showcasing its laser core, as it devours an enemy titan. With fire based abilities like firewall and incendiary trap, Scorch quickly engulfs unfortunate enemy titans.

Following the release of the new trailer, Respawn also announced its first free DLC map. Angel City, a fan favorite from Titanfall, will be available to players on day one. Those who preorder the game will get three days of early access to the map.

Just days after their open multiplayer tech test, Respawn has planned numerous unveilings for the next few days.

Titanfall 2 is set to release on Oct. 28.

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