More Titanfall 2 Content Dropping Next Week


Monarch Titan Falls into Combat

Players ready for more Titanfall 2 content will not have to wait long. The latest DLC from Respawn Entertainment, Monarch’s Reign, offers players a new titan class, a remastered map, and two new prime titans. The free update drops for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 30.

The Monarch Titan joins the battlefield with its chaingun and a unique upgrade core. With the core, players can upgrade Monarch over time. The longer Monarch remains intact, the more upgrades players can add to their titan. In a trailer for Monarch’s Reign, Monarch is seen destroying an enemy titan while its pilot jumps out and steals a battery from the enemy. The pilot then quickly returns to Monarch.

titanfallThe latest remastered map from Respawn comes in the form of Relic. The original Titanfall map is set among the old wreck of the IMC carrier, IMS Odyssey. The massive ship separates a small town down the middle. Pilots take to the rooftops of buildings around the wreckage, while titans duke it out in the Odyssey.

The latest prime titan upgrades give a new coat of paint to some fan favorites. For $5 each, players can pilot Ronin Prime and Tone Prime. Each prime titan is equipped with a new execution and comes with a different AI voice.

Will Monarch’s Reign bring you back to battlefields of Titanfall 2? What are your thoughts on the new titan? Let us know in the comments below.

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