Titanfall 2 Free Trial Drops this Weekend


In Celebration of Latest Titanfall 2 DLC

Those who are still hesitant about leaping into Titanfall 2 will get another chance to test the waters this weekend. From now to April 3, players will have access to full multiplayer, as well as the Training Gauntlet and the single player mission, The Beacon. Respawn also announced, players will continue to have access to both the Training Gauntlet and The Beacon following the conclusion of the free weekend.

To sweeten the deal further, all game modes in Titanfall 2 will give double XP this weekend.

All of this in celebration of Colony Reborn, the latest free DLC drop for Titanfall 2. Available now, Colony Reborn reintroduces a fan favorite map, Colony, from the Original Titanfall. Pilots will duke it out in the narrow streets of a small colony settlement. Once the titans start to fall, pilots can take to the rooftops and the center watchtower to continue the fight.

Titanfall 2

Along with Colony, players will also receive a new weapon to add to their arsenal. Colony Reborn brings the R-101, the standard rifle from the original Titanfall to Titanfall 2. Players will also gain access to a new execution animation, the Curb Check.

On top of the free content, Respawn is also delivering some additional paid cosmetic content in the form of camo skins, banners, and patches.

Will you be spending your weekend with Titanfall 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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