Thoughts on Latest Pokémon Trailer


As always, we are at the edge of our seats to see just what the upcoming new Pokémon games, Sun and Moon in case you haven’t used any media within the last six months. Nintendo makes sure once again that our waiting has been rewarded. It appears that they are starting to push the trailers out faster and faster, a little bit of Pokémon at a time. While they have mostly been showing us how the new abilities of all the Pokémon will only break the combat of competitive battling, forcing people to let go of their Metagross and Talonflame, they have brought one of the first new experiences that may change Pokémon as we know it.

We’ve known for decades now how the battle to the championship crown. Take all the badges from the gym leaders you’ve barely defeated, struggle six different times to get through the elite four, then die to the champion. …Or if you were actually good at the game, you become the newest Pokémon master.

Now, we may have to switch things up a bit. Instead of gym leaders, it appears that we will be battling the leaders of the island, now called the Island Challenge. There, we presumably battle the Trial Captains, having the types of Grass, Water, Electric, and Fire. Then we fight Totem Pokémon, which seems to be a double battle without being a double battle as the Totem Pokémon calls upon a partner to help throughout the fight. Once you pass the trials, you then battle the ‘Kahunas’. In essence, we still have 8 gym leaders, but a pair is right in a row.


Now, that’s the battling part. This is the fun part that we are all excited for! New forms of Vulpix and Ninetales! …and Sandshrew and Sandslash, while Sandshrew adorably looks like a tiny igloo and Sandslash has icicle spikes on his back. It seems that these are forms only for the island, and perhaps any of these Pokémon that are imported from another game will turn to these forms.

Either way, they are stunning. Look at that flowing mane. And tails.


Some other fun things from the trailer is that there are a few new Pokémon, mostly some evolutions and pre-evolutions. We now have a praying mantis Pokémon, and what looks like the Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask moon break open and have colorful magma insides. I think. It is interesting that a bird also has different forms for each of the island, and we have seen this before with Shellos in fourth gen, along with the magma insides of the before mentioned Majora’s moon.

Also seen in the trailer is an odd replacement to Mega Evolutions, or what I see at this point. It is a Z-move. It can only be used once per battle and appears to be a visual link between trainer and Pokémon, as their love is used together to perform a powerful attack, or some mushy stuff like that. We don’t know too much, except that there’s a new trainers dance for each element to keep us interested and chuckle at the odd animation.

To wrap this up, it’s a pretty good insight to how Nintendo is changing Pokémon through this generation. In case you missed it, the trailer is down below, and make sure to subscribe to the Pokémon youtube channel. Rumor has it that a new trailer will come August 10th. Keep your eyes out.


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