The Witness V.S. Pirates



We are all aware that the gaming world is filled with pirates. While these pirates normally attack AAA game titles this week they decided to take on the small development team behind “The Witness”. Sadly these pirated copies are being picked up like hotcakes as the games popularity grows.

This setback may not come as a shock when you see the high price of the game. With a $40.00 price tag, it’s hard to justify a game you can’t test out. As a recommendation to Jonathan Blow and the team. I recommend dropping a demo for the game and see if that fixes the problem. As a game player I always like to see a demo for a game that I dont have a lot of history with it’s developer.

While sad, this is not a shock to the team as their first title, Braid, was also the victim of mass pirating. The title is still functioning extremely well on Steam, sitting in the top 10 with all the AAA titles. I think you guys will be okay, but I do hope that most people so purchase a game that is so highly rated before pirating it.

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