The Lion King Mini-Rant & Review


The Lion King

Today I have the honor of talking about the  legendary game the legendary game “The lLon King”. For the past 4 years I’ve wanted to talk about this game, but never could beat it. Finally after last night I’m proud to say that I finally beat that hell we call a game.

So let me start off by saying you will rage at this. You will wish you never even heard of this game. Ive been mentally tested by this game. At first it intimidated me. Now I can finally put it to rest.

This game should come with a warning label, saying if you have a social life, or anything to live for, then don’t even touch it. But no Disney wants you to be sucked into the madness of rage, after rage, after rage! So what ever you do don’t let that little cute Disney logo make you think this game is easy.

I have put at least 10,000 hours in this game. Each hour regretting it more and more, wondering why this evil game chose me. What did i do to deserve such a thing? About half way through I think, is this just a nightmare? is my mind just playing tricks on me? sadly it was not a nightmare. I put myself in this position. that concludes my mini rant I hope you enjoyed!!

The Lion King Review - #GTUSA 2

Are you a retro gaming master? Have you to mastered the intensity that is The Lion King? Well we want to know what you think. Did Disney go to far with the difficulty of this game? What do you think is the hardest Disney game ever to beat? Or what do you think is the overall toughest game of the 90s to master?

GT USA loves to hear your comments, responses, and answers. So please let us know what you think in the comments section below. Hakuna Matata!!!

The Lion King Review - #GTUSA 3

Video & Image Source – juan perrez

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