The future of arcade: Dark Escape 4d


In my last article I mentioned an arcade title that is rivitalizing the arcade games market with its immersive and unique gameplay, Dark Escape 4d, and today I’m going to explain in details why gamers!
The only fact that a developer such as Bandai/Namco is behind this project should be enough to convince you that Dark Escape 4d worth to give it a shot but let me tell you more on what makes this game a real gem in the arcade entertainment.
Once entered inside the creepiest cabinet ever made, the players will find 2 seats, 2 futuristic guns and a couple of 3d glasses and this is only the beginning…
Dark Escape 4d is a rail shooter where players must survive escaping from a mad scientist’s mansion full of his terrifing creatures that will hunting them till the very end! Thanks to the 3d technology, a 46″ screen and a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound system your arcade experience will feel as real as ever making you literally jump off your seat dozen of times! The precence of vibrating chairs and airblast fans will make you feel as you are in iminent danger all the time but as incredibly as it could sound that’s not just what makes Dark Escape 4d really astounding.
Inside the cabinet the developers installed heart rates sensors that will measure how scare you are during the game and relative to that, the game will change adapting the events based on this factor! This system is unique for each of the 2 players so that they will face different reactions from the game in order to keep the tension as high as possible!This wonderful cabinet can be found in the best Arcades around the country and I highly suggest you to try this scary but incredibly fun experience to understand that Arcade has still a lot more to offer to gamers even in modern days!
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