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The Nintendo Entertainment System Launched 33 Years Ago Today In Japan

The Nintendo Entertainment System (commonly abbreviated as NES) is an 8-bit home video game console that was developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It was initially released in Japan as the Family Computer (Japanese: ファミリーコンピュータ Hepburn: Famirī Konpyūta) (also known by the portmanteau abbreviation Famicom (ファミコン Famikon?) and abbreviated as FC) on July 15, 1983, and […]

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NES Classic Editions Games List

The NES Classic Edition has been turning some heads lately. Gamers love for the classics will never die, especially not for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The point of this post is to feature the 30 games that this all in 1 console will feature. Besides the list I feel that I should add that you […]