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Know your PokémonGo Meme: Niantic Customer Service “r”

Have you heard people memeing about the Niantic Customer service “r”? Have YOU been joking yourself about the Niantic Customer service “r”? It’s time to meet the meme. This meme dates back to a post on r/PokemonGO in which user MistaWhiska posted the following email with the title “Niantic responded to my help ticket after 35 days.” […]


Best Lion King Memes

#1 Hipster Hyenas You always knew those hyenas were cooler than you. #2 BFFs IRL Well, they say a fictional story always has to come from something real; just didn’t expect that to apply to Disney movies!   #3 Handsome Throw Rug That, he did… If you feel bad about that, try to remember how he killed […]