Rookery’s Retro Review: T.G.I.F. (Commodore 64)


Overall Score: 5 (of 5), a fun party game for up to four players of all ages

Story:  Your goal is to reach a cash amount before your competitors.  The only thing that stands between you, other players and a CPU player is a calendar.  Dates blink around on the monthly calendar until you stop it by pushing the joystick in any direction.  Hit Friday, that’s payday!  Stop on Monday and you’re paying bills (or even other players).  Sounds easy, right?  Well, not so much.  It’s mostly random unless you stare at the screen long enough that you know exactly when to spaz out at the right moment like those Cyclone machines in arcades:

aCycloneEven still, your chances of missing they day you want are high.  So, round the table everyone goes, taking turns trying to score days that pay like Wednesday (Windfall) and Saturday (Treasure Hunt).  Some days are a bit more mysterious such as Thursday (Unknown), Sunday (Relax) and Tuesday (Lottery).  You can purchase tickets for the lottery in case Tuesday comes up and at 3% odds per player, most agree that with the low cost of the tickets, it’s worth the chance.  The road to victory can be a rocky one. If chances are against you, you may find yourself taking out loans to get back into the black.  Sometimes investment opportunities come up to buy a car, boat, gold, or even a stamp collection.  In general, these are a good idea unless you hold on to them too long and the game ends before selling for profit.


Highlights: Easy to play for anyone with a joystick and single fire button, competitive with financial ‘race’ instead of cars or fighting, each game starts out fair for every skill level

Lowlights: A lot left to chance rather than strategy, frustrating when there’s little you can do about misfortune

Similar Style Games: Mario Party series, The Game of Life, The Three Stooges (C-64), Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune

Final Thought: Ageless classic that is as fun now as it was then