Sydney Residents Bomb Pokémon Go Players From Their Balconies


Sydney Residents Bomb Pokémon Go Players From Their Balconies

Pokémon Go has caused quite a stir around the world in the last week, rising to the top app in Apple’s app store in just a few days. In the game players are required to walk around and catch pocket monsters in real life. The suburb of Rhodes in Sydney is a hot spot for rare Pokémon. The news has traveled fast, and the local residents are not pleased.

“The reason why this location is so desirable is because there are three intersecting ‘PokéStops’,” a Rhodes resident who wanted to remain anonymous told BuzzFeed News.

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Three PokéStops means triple experience points, triple Pokémon, and triple coins. There are also continual lures in this Rhodes zone, which means the monsters are plentiful.

“The place is in complete chaos with crowds of well over 1,000 per night. There is a massive level of noise after midnight, uncontrollable traffic, excessive rubbish, smokers, drunk people, people who are ‘camping’ in the site, and even people peddling mobile phone chargers,” said the resident.

the deputy mayor of the City of Canada Bay Council, Helen McCaffrey, which Rhodes is a part of, issued a statement today saying the council had deployed extra rangers to deal with parking issues and that the environment team was undertaking extra waste collection.

“The new game provides a wonderful opportunity for people to enjoy the parks, foreshore, and other open areas around the City of Canada Bay in a fun, interactive way but we ask people to do this in a safe, considerate manner,” said the deputy mayor.

Over 110 varieties of Pokémon have shown up in this region. Besides the noise and annoyance of the large crowds, everyone seems to be getting along and working together swimmingly.

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However, a Rhodes resident who wished to remain anonymous but lives in the apartments surrounding the park told BuzzFeed News she thinks “someone is going to get hurt soon”.

“The park where everyone’s hanging out is a children’s playground,” she said. “Literally over 300 to 400 people gather each night to play the game. It’s a very small park and the crowd goes nuts. We’re having issues with noise levels from people screaming their lungs out, smoking at the playground, people revving up their cars around the area.”

“I was out walking my dog and I had to carry him 80% of the time because there are so many people not looking at where they’re going. There are people standing in the middle of the road to catch something. One of my neighbours is planning to move once the lease agreement finishes next month because he thinks it’s only going to get worse.”

Last night the residents in the surrounding apartments got fed up and decided to take the law into their own hands as they began hurling water balloons and eggs at the Pokémon Go players below.

The Pokémon Go players seem to be getting along, but the residents are becoming hostile! If gotta catch em’ all means catching an egg to the face, these monster catchers are ahead of the game. Predictions are that the Pokémon Go insanity is only going to get crazier when trading comes in.

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