Super Mario Run Gross Revenue Is $30 Million, Downloads Estimated At $90 Million In 2 Weeks


According to information provided to The Wall Street Journal by market research firm Newzoo, Super Mario Run was downloaded 90 million times in its first two weeks. Over that same span, it was purchased only 3 million times.

The data provided states the game has earned $30 million in gross revenue since it was released on December 15.

Unlike other top-grossing mobile games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush which are entirely free-to-play but charge for in-game transactions, Super Mario Run makes its money from a one off purchase.

Nintendo could look to generate additional revenue from paying customers by releasing extra premium levels.

Nonetheless, Super Mario Run for Android devices may see a release date soon. Reason being, Nintendo has allowed Android users to pre-register to be notified as to when the game is out.

Gartner data published by 9to5Mac in August 2016 showed that in Q2 2016 alone, Android held a 86.2% worldwide market share compared to 12.9% for iOS. And surely there are millions of Android users out there aching to try the game out.

Super Mario Run is an automatic runner where you control Mario’s jumps and collect as many coins as you can without dying, until you get to Bowser and try to defeat him and rescue Princess Peach. The game was developed by Nintendo and DeNA.

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